In-Situ Inc. announces new brand identify with ‘water simplified’ tagline


In-Situ Inc., a global manufacturer of water monitoring instrumentation and software, announces they have rebranded to reflect the company’s “current status as a leader in both environmental and process water monitoring solutions”.

According to In-Situ, the new tagline, “water simplified.,” speaks to its groundwater, surface water, coastal, drinking water and wastewater audiences and captures the essence of the In-Situ brand, which is to simplify and improve water monitoring to help protect the world’s water resources.

“We’re excited to announce our new ‘water simplified.’ branding because it accurately captures In-Situ’s mission and differentiation,” said In-Situ Vice President of Research & Development and Marketing Ben Kimbell. “We’re driven to develop accurate and reliable solutions that solve significant challenges around the maintenance, deployment and information accessibility of our industry’s water monitoring programs. By putting connected solutions and the drive to simplify every step of the water monitoring process at the center of our company, In-Situ can offer products that support improved decision- making at lower operational costs.”

After developing the first all-in-one datalogger/transducer/temperature sensor for self-contained long-term groundwater monitoring, In-Situ moved into the water quality market with rugged multiparameter instrumentation and a full smart-sensor portfolio. In-Situ said it has “surged in the surface water space with user-friendly software for simplified setup, calibration and data access.”

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The company’s data services platform provides customers with control over how they view their data and manage their sites. And, In-Situ said the introduction of the first cellular, in-well telemetry device secured the company’s position as a leader in remote monitoring solutions.

More recently, strategic acquisitions in the U.S. and abroad have expanded In-Situ’s product offerings to include industrial-grade water analysis and measurement technologies for wastewater and drinking water treatment process control. As the company moves into new markets and expands its ability to solve water monitoring challenges, the In-Situ brand has matured as well. The new brand identity, brought to life through new visuals and the “water simplified.” tagline, amplifies a reputation for reliability, ease of use and accessibility across a wide range of applications, said In-Situ.

“Every department and company office was involved in this brand identity project,” said In-Situ Marketing Director Anne-Laure Starling. “Our new tagline reflects how we feel about our brand and how we want our customers to know us—as purposeful, innovative, uncomplicated, nimble and responsive. What makes us unique is our close partnership with our users to ensure their success in protecting water. Our new tagline “water simplified.” is In-Situ’s promise to stay true to that commitment.”

Click here to learn more about In-Situ and the company’s products for environmental and process water monitoring.


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