In-Situ Inc. acquires ChemScan, formerly known as ASA Analytics


In-Situ Inc. announced on March 18, 2019 that it has acquired ChemScan Inc., formerly known as ASA Analytics.

In-Situ said the acquisition will expand its ability to provide process applications for municipal and industrial wastewater, drinking water, and other industrial water process markets.

In-Situ designs and manufactures water level and water quality monitoring equipment. Along with new water quality instruments and flow meter technology, In-Situ said the acquisition of ChemScan positions it to become a major competitor in the municipal water, wastewater and industrial process market.

ChemScan manufactures automatic chemical analysis systems for water and wastewater monitoring and control. ChemScan analyzers are used to detect ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and other parameters in water and wastewater using, UV light absorbance for analysis.

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“We’ve made significant investments in new product development and strategic partnerships to improve our capabilities in the process market,” said In-Situ CEO John Pawlikowski in a press release. “With the addition of ChemScan, we have an extremely robust offering to better serve customers in the municipal water, wastewater and industrial markets.”

Concurrent with the acquisition, ASA Analytics has changed its name to ChemScan Inc. The company will continue operations in Wisconsin and operate as ChemScan, an In-Situ company.


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