Global supply chain issues delay Calgary’s reintroduction of fluoride to drinking water


Global supply chain issues are once again causing delays around creating the infrastructure necessary for the City of Calgary to reintroduce fluoride into its drinking water. 

In summer 2023 municipal officials revealed that project costs had tripled primarily due to the need for a new building at the Bearspaw Aayer Treatment Plant. Construction is underway, but while that new system had been scheduled to be online by fall 2024, the project completion date has now moved into early 2025.

“This date was set with an understanding that timelines may change due to ongoing uncertainty with the global supply chain,” explains a statement from Calgary’s utilities delivery business unit. “As a result of this global uncertainty and industry resource competition, we now anticipate the system will be in service by Q1 2025.” 

The cost to reintroduce fluoride was last expected to be $28.1 million, but city officials have yet to indicate if that estimate has risen. Local officials noted that the annual operating costs will be approximately $864,000, plus another $100,000 to $200,000 per year in maintenance costs.

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The city had also planned to install the newly-required fluoride equipment in one of its existing buildings on-site at the Glenmore Water Treatment.

Calgary began fluoridating the city’s water supply in 1991. In 2011, city council voted to discontinue the addition of fluoride. Then, as part of the 2021 general election, nearly 62% of electors voted in favour of reintroducing fluoridation to the municipal water supply.

Health Canada’s Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality continue to recommend optimal fluoride dosing to be 0.7 mg/L. It has set a maximum allowable concentration of 1.5 mg/L. 

The compound selected to fluoridate Calgary’s water will be hydrofluosilicic acid, the same compound used prior to 2011.

A recent University of Alberta study suggests that the rates of dental treatments under anesthesia have risen steadily in Calgary since the loss of fluoridation. 


  1. How much calcium rich milk could you provide your impoverished children for a $30 million? Shameful waste of money on artificial fluoridation ….especially since no reputable doctor in the history of the universe has ever been diagnosed anyone with a fluoride deficiency.

  2. Many dentists dispute the claim that more kids are receiving treatments because water fluoridation was halted in 2011.
    Adding one of the most toxic substances on the planet, directly out of fertilizer waste stacks in Florida, Mexico and China, without purifying or cleaning, and without control of dose or dosage, is lacking in common sense and science. HFSA is a proven neurotoxin and damages kid’s brains.
    Go to for the latest science.
    Dr. Bob Dickson

  3. The fluoride is available, this is an equipment problem.

    Klearwater is a chemical provider based in Calgary that supplies a PURE HFSA product across the prairies that is made from pharmaceutical grade Calcium Fluoride, not the mining based product Dr Dickson refers to above. Our product has 200x fewer contaminants than the traditionally used product. We supply numerous drinking water chemicals to over 500 municipalities across Canada.

    It’s not a fluoride deficiency, no such thing as it’s not needed for regular health, it is for dental health that unfortunately milk can’t provide. Cavity rates in minors have increased 73% in Calgary since 2011 when we stopped. Rate of increase in Edmonton is 2%, because they didn’t stop. There is no other factor that has changed.


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