Filling in the information gap with water system pilot testing


Raw water sources, specifically inland lakes, rivers and groundwater, are site specific and can be challenging to treat. Information from literature and other case studies are not always transferable because of the differences in raw water quality and testing conditions. Walkerton Clean Water Centre’s (WCWC) pilot testing program fills this information gap using the approach of pilot and bench scale testing to provide more relevant and meaningful information.

Under the program WCWC sets up pilot projects to test alternative treatment parameters or technologies. Water from Ontario water system can be shipped to the WCWC’s facilities or their staff can travel to client sites to conduct bench scale tests. WCWC recognizes the financial challenges faced by small system operators and does not charge for its staff time to undertake this work.

WCWC’s technology demonstration facility in Walkerton, Ontario has a lab and many pilot systems. These systems include a dual train conventional treatment pilot plant, ozone systems, a dissolved air flotation pilot plant, Ultraviolet Light (UV) treatment systems, slow sand, green sand and membrane filtration systems. Some of the pilot systems can be operated side by side using the same feed water. WCWC has also the capacity to pilot advanced oxidation processes (AOP) based either on ozone or UV light.

The lab is equipped with bench top and portable instruments such as an organic carbon analyzer, jar testers, spectrophotometers, colorimeters and numerous other instruments.

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