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Company fined for violating Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations

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On February 9, 2017, Fibrek S.E.N.C. pleaded guilty to two charges, and it was fined $125,000 for violating the Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations thereby committing offences under the Fisheries Act.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Fibrek S.E.N.C., which is located in Saint-Félicien, Quebec, deposited deleterious substances in the Mistassini and Ashuapmushuan rivers. Both rivers drain into Lac Saint-Jean.

The investigation conducted by ECCC revealed that Fibrek S.E.N.C. had committed several offences contrary to the Regulations and to the Act, namely:

  • Depositing acutely lethal effluent from its water treatment system;
  • Failing to file the required report in the case of depositing deleterious substance in waters frequented by fish.

Part of the fine ($112,500) will be paid into the Environmental Damages Fund, which is administered by Environment and Climate Change Canada. As well, Fibrek S.E.N.C. will be added to the Environmental Offenders Registry.

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For more information, visit: www.ec.gc.ca

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