Alberta’s Wetaskiwin WWTP upgrades set for summer completion

Wetaskiwin WWTP upgrades
A collaborative work environment between Graham Infrastructure and Associated Engineering resulted in cost savings and helped expedite construction. The upgraded plant is expected to be fully operational by August. Photo Credit: Associated Engineering.

Significant upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant in the First Nations City of Wetaskiwin has received nearly $18 million in funding from the Alberta government, after it was found that the city’s 1970s-era lagoon system lacked the technologies required to meet updated wastewater regulations.

Associated Engineering proposed a treatment system upgrade that included headworks, lagoons, a post-lagoon moving bed biofilm reactor with nitrification and denitrification, tertiary filtration, and disinfection. 

“The new wastewater treatment plant is a win for the environment and our local economy,” announced Mayor Gandam in a statement. “It will give our community the capability to accommodate increased residential growth and allow for specific industries to open in our community that we otherwise would not have had the resources to support, such as craft breweries.”  

In recent years Wetaskiwin City Council, with the support of MLA Rick Wilson, has secured over $34 million for the new wastewater treatment Plant, including $12.9 million from a provincial grant, and an additional $4 million from the province last year.

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Peace Hills Utilities Inc. previously indicated that a 41% utility rate increase would be needed to fund the project. However, with the new provincial funding, the city now projects an estimated 10% decrease in current utility rates, which were raised by 31% in 2023 for the project.

Wetaskiwin is located 70 kilometres south of Edmonton and is home to approximately 13,000 people. 

The upgraded plant is expected to be fully operational by August.

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