Major water infrastructure upgrades funded for B.C. and New Brunswick communities


Canada and two provincial governments are making substantial water and wastewater infrastructure investments in the British Columbia community of Bowen Island and the New Brunswick Town of Rivière-du-Nord.

For the B.C. island municipality of just under 4,000 residents, a more than $2.1 million drinking water investment will enable the connection of the existing Eagle Cliff Water System, which services about 100 users, to the Cove Bay Water System, federal officials announced. 

Eagle Cliff is supplied by a deep groundwater well and an open surface reservoir. It is treated by flow-paced injection of sodium hypochlorite into the water supply main with limited contact time and is UV disinfected.

The project will also see the replacement of culverts, the installation of new fire hydrants and service connections, and approximately 1,300 metres of watermain to connect the two Bowen Island systems.

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“Our islanders value resilience and self-reliance, but we’re quickly outgrowing our current infrastructure needs,” stated Bowen Island Mayor Andrew Leonard in a press announcement. “This funding will go a long way to connect the Eagle Cliff Water System community to a sustainable water source, offsetting a significant infrastructure cost for them,” he added. 

The federal investment of $841,200 comes from the Green Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. B.C. is investing $700,930, and Bowen Island Municipality is contributing $560,870.

In New Brunswick, the Town of Rivière-du-Nord was formed through the 2023 local governance reforms. Now, the new community will construct a new 4,100-metre sanitary sewer system with two lift stations. The project also involves an aqueduct system connected to the existing infrastructure with one booster station, and the reinstatement of road infrastructure.

“For the town of Rivière-du-Nord, and more specifically for this sector of Bertrand, this project represents an improvement that will ensure the quality of drinking water and adequate wastewater treatment for the residents concerned, thanks to the support of the various levels of government,” announced Mayor Joseph Lanteigne in a statement to media. “For our municipality, in addition to encouraging residential and commercial development, this is a first in terms of water treatment infrastructure,” he added.

Additionally, more than $2.3 million is being invested in the nearby New Brunswick community of Tracadie. Plans are underway to renew some of its aging sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer mains. The project also includes replacing a total of more than 200 metres of sanitary sewer and iron pipe watermains with PVC lines and more than 100 metres of concrete storm sewers. 

The federal government is investing $9,611,943 in these projects and New Brunswick is investing $4,387,978. The Regional Municipality of Tracadie is contributing $776,693 and the Municipality of Rivière-du-Nord is contributing $803,966.


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