Understanding the testing requirements under Ontario’s new excess soil regulation


By Sylvia Rennie

The premise of Ontario’s Regulation 406/19 is that soil is a precious and limited resource and, as with any limited resource, excess soil generated from construction and earthmoving projects needs to be properly managed. The new regulation is being phased in over time, with provisions for grandfathering existing projects.

Read the full article in ES&E Magazine’s April 2021 issue:

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  1. The Heighington et al V Ontario legal action wrote case law in Canada as it applies to waste on/in land. There is a book entitled ” A Radioactive Waste Dump in Malvern; A Citizen’s Account ” 2019 . One might also obtain “No Right of Way” by Peter Lewington , Iowa U Press, 1991 who made certain that for all pipe line work, the land must be put back in good condition – See Lewington v TPL.


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