Veolia wins contract for all Armenian water and wastewater services

Skyline of Yerevan
Veolia has been present in the capital city Yerevan for 10 years and this new contract expands its reach to all of Armenia.
Skyline of Yerevan
Veolia has been present in Armenia’s capital Yerevan for 10 years now, and this new contract expands its reach to the entire country. Source: Serouj Ourishian, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Veolia will supply drinking water and wastewater services for the entire country of Armenia in a 15-year $1.14 billion  (€800 million) contract, according to a news release from the company yesterday. According to Reuters, Veolia beat Armenian rival Saur, Acea of Italy and a German-Russian consortium to win the contract tender.

Already present in the capital city of Yerevan for more than 10 years, Veolia says it will be: “Extending to the entire Armenian population the service quality and continuity that it already provides to the one million residents of the country’s capital.”

By the end of the contract, drinking water production and distribution will amount to almost 174 million m3 per year and reach all of Armenia’s three million people.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, KFW Development Bank and the European Investment Bank will also be contributing $200 million to finance water and wastewater investments over the coming four years.

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Veolia has 174,000 employees worldwide and manages 4,245 drinking water production plants globally. The company currently employs 1,200 people in Armenia and with this new contract will become one of the country’s largest employers.

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