HydroFLOW Canada

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#4-3455 Harvester Rd., Burlington, ON L7N 3P2, CA

HydroFLOW Canada distributes Hydropath Technologies UK Patent line of Electronic Water Conditioners.  2017 WEF Innovative Technology Award Winner.

The system is proven to eliminate/reduce LIMESCALE, STRUVITE,  BIOFILM, and BACTERIA in Cooling Towers, Boilers, Steam Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Humidifiers, Water Heaters, WWTPs, WWRFs, Swimming Pools, Ice Makers, Dishwashers, Steam Ovens, and numerous agricultural applications.

The system is non-intrusive, maintenance free, energy efficient, chemical free, environmentally friendly and has  low power requirements. 25 years of proven, verified successes worldwide. Decrease input energy cost due to elimination of limescale insulation on heat transfer surfaces, spray nozzles, and mechanical systems.

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Bill Carroll