Hydro International

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2925 NE Aloclek Suite 140, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124, US

Hydro International supplies environmentally sustainable products that control and treat municipal and industrial wastewater and stormwater using advanced vortex and complementary technologies. Hydro International is the leading provider of municipal grit removal and stormwater treatment technologies to control flows within collection systems and wastewater treatment facilities throughout Canada. Wastewater Products: HeadCell, Grit King, OpTeaCup, TeaCup, SlurryCup, Hydro GritCleanse, Grit Snail, SpiraSnail, Hydro-Sludge-Screen, and Storm King as well as our Compact line of Advanced Grit Removal systems tailored to the needs of smaller treatment facilities. Our Stormwater products include the Downstream Defender, First Defense, and Up-Flo Filter.

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Ben Paetel