ENV Treatment Systems Inc.

70 High St, Etobicoke, Ontario M8Y 3N9, CA

Aeration (aspirating, submerged turbine, fine bubble); polymer feeders; hi-speed turbo blowers; clarifiers (rectangular/circular); U.V. disinfection; belt presses, centrifuges; SBR package plants; biofilters; plunger pumps; FRP covers; continuous sand and disk filters; ozonation systems; access hatches; Archimedes screw pumps; digester covers and mixers; PD blowers; traveling water screens; RBCs and package plants; oil grit separators, storm chambers, membrane dome and tube, fine and coarse aeration sytems; rectangular clarifiers; hosepumps; GAC odour control; flumes; bar screens, fine plate or perforated sceens; shaftless compactors and conveyors; scum troughs and submerged grit screws; septage receiving stations; vortex grit removal.

Contact Name
Edward M. Pikovnik, Sales Manager; Lee Williams, Project Management