ACG-Envirocan Inc.

7-131 Whitmore Rd, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 6E3, CA

Suppliers of water and wastewater treatment equipment for municipal and industrial applications, including AquaNereda® granular sludge process, headworks screens/compactors, septage receiving systems, sewage/sludge grinders, grit removal systems, fine and coarse bubble aeration systems, lagoon aeration systems, lagoon cold weather nitrification technology, jet aeration and mixing, mechanical aerators, P.D., centrifugal and turbo type blowers, tertiary filters, DAF equipment, centrifuges, belt presses, ozone disinfection, tank covers, hatches, chain and flight clarifiers, circular clarifiers, shaftless and shafted screw conveyors, odour control systems, iron & manganese removal systems, open channel and insertion magnetic flow meters & data loggers, package water treatment plants for municipal and industrial applications, SL-RAT acoustic sanitary sewer condition instrumentation.

Contact Name
Blake Tonogai or Greg Jackson