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Duck in algal cyanobacterial bloom

Increased frequency of algal blooms challenges drinking water systems

Cyanobacteria produces cyanotoxins that negatively affect the health of people and animals that consume or have other exposure to these waters.
The Jewish Museum (exterior), Manhattan

Properly running HVAC system helps protect artifacts at the Jewish Museum

By Dr. Marcus Allhands Thousands of people visit the Jewish Museum in Manhattan each year. For over 100 years it has displayed past and present...
Wyndance SBR plant construction

Water reuse essential for new multi-use development projects

By Irene Hassas With population growth and urbanization, there is increased market pressure for the development of residential houses on private property and existing recreational...
Stock mining facility

How do aggregate operations affect groundwater levels and wetlands?

Dewatering creates an excess amount of groundwater at the surface, which requires management either through surface flow and infiltration, or recirculation and pumping back as groundwater.

Groundwater storage and recovery becoming increasingly important

A recent study conducted by Canadian researchers has raised the issue of groundwater over-pumping and scarcity and confirmed groundwater's finite limit.
drinking water picture

Tracking aluminum coagulants in drinking water treatment

Researchers have developed a new method to quickly and accurately measure the concentration of aluminum used in drinking water treatment.

Comparing Doppler and transit time ultrasonic flow meters

Ultrasonic flow meters are a non-contact means of measuring flow velocity. Understanding how they operate allows users to select the appropriate flow meter.
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New acoustic leak detection technique developed by Concordia researchers

Concordia University researchers have developed a technique to locate underground leaks with 99.5% accuracy.
City of Brockvile water tower

Case study: Benefits of an automated watermain flushing program

The City of Brockville and the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley have benefitted from the introduction of automated flushing equipment and an established watermain flushing program.
aerial view of municipal water infrastructure

‘Big pipe’ infrastructure solutions may no longer be affordable for smaller towns and cities

Approximately 75% of a municipality’s capital asset inventory is water, wastewater and roads. Yet small and medium municipalities face increasing pressures.

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AWWAO irst Nation’s Water Taste Challenge Winners

Conference report: Aboriginal Water & Wastewater Association of Ontario

Toronto hosts a successful 23rd annual Aboriginal Water & Wastewater Association of Ontario’s Conference and Tradeshow. Held February 27 – March 1, 2018, in downtown...