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James Smith Cree Nation water treatment plant group shot

Water treatment plant opens its doors

James Smith Cree Nation welcomed about 50 people for an open house at their integrated biological reverse osmosis membrane water treatment plant.
coated pump impeller

Polymer coatings can significantly improve water pump efficiency

Fluid handling equipment may suffer from multiple problems, including physical and mechanical damage, as well as general or localized erosion and corrosion. These problems...
automatic water main flushing units

Automatic water main flushing reduces costs and improves water quality

Most water distribution systems have areas where there are pipelines that may not have sufficient demands to keep the detention time short enough to...
First Nations drinking water

How Yellow Quill First Nation ended a nine year boil water advisory

In total, Yellow Quill’s boil water advisory lasted nine years. After a 22-month pilot project, a biological water treatment process lifted the advisory.
First Nations drinking water

Evaluating the First Nations water management strategy

The federal government’s response to water issues on First Nation reserves has primarily been through the seven step First Nations Water Management Strategy.

Protecting against lead pipe health risks

With so many lead pipe health risks, it is shocking the number of homes that still have them. In Toronto, there are an estimated 35,000 lead service pipes.
The automatic purging system

City of Port Moody flushes its way to better water quality

Flushing is an industry standard procedure that removes stagnant water and sediment to ensure water quality. It also ensures chlorine residual levels are maintained.

What Canada can learn from California’s drought and groundwater laws

The California drought experience offers critical insights into drought planning and water management that are relevant to communities across Canada.

Robot swans bring new advanced technology to water testing

Singapore researchers are testing robotic swans that could provide essential, highly advanced water testing in reservoirs around the country and the world. Developed by scientists...
photo of innovation site

Inside the new Echologics Innovation Site

More than 600 m of plastic and metallic water mains, allows real-world conditions that can affect leak detection and pipeline assessment, to be replicated.

Travel Notes: Water and drought in the Golden State

Facing increasingly strict state and federal water quality and wastewater discharge regulations and deteriorating groundwater supplies, the new plant will treat approximately 30 MGD of water piped from the Sacramento River
modern vacuum priming pump

New vacuum priming systems cut energy and water use

Vacuum priming systems are necessary, as water impeller pumps, while great for moving high volumes of water, are unable to pump or move air.

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