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modern vacuum priming pump

New vacuum priming systems cut energy and water use

Vacuum priming systems are necessary, as water impeller pumps, while great for moving high volumes of water, are unable to pump or move air.
chlorine gas set-up

Chlorine gas is an old public health ally

There is considerable debate regarding the safety of chlorine gas. As a result, many operations feel pressure to change to alternative forms of disinfection.

Testing for genotoxicity in alternative drinking water sources

An increasing need to recycle water has changed the nature of the source water that enters treatment facilities. It has forced us to reassess how we ascertain cleanliness in these supplies.

Improving community life in Central America

Water well projects typically take a week, but when crews encounter rough conditions like those found in Central America, progress slows.
water pressure filter system

Improving water quality in rural Mount Pleasant

High iron and manganese levels can result in sediment deposits in reservoirs and watermains, as well as water quality complaints from customers

Preventing contamination in water storage tanks

Despite efforts to protect public water supplies through testing, treatment and regulation, contamination in water storage tanks still occasionally occurs.

Water career trends and growth very promising

Careers in water quality are not just in high demand, they are also undergoing rapid changes.

What low flow purge groundwater sampling means for water quality data

Low flow groundwater sampling was developed to enhance the accuracy of pollutant assessment in groundwater and ensure a representative sample is collected.
A picture of an electromagnetic flow meter installation.

Important considerations for choosing an electromagnetic flow meter

The ideal starting point for choosing a flow meter is not with a manufacturer’s specifications, but with the details of your unique application. Electromagnetic...
A picture of filters used on cooling towers.

Automatic self cleaning filters help keep cooling towers clean and efficient

Only mechanical filtration can remove the tons of suspended solids that cooling towers grab from the atmosphere each year.

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