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What low flow purge groundwater sampling means for water quality data

Low flow groundwater sampling was developed to enhance the accuracy of pollutant assessment in groundwater and ensure a representative sample is collected.
A picture of an electromagnetic flow meter installation.

Important considerations for choosing an electromagnetic flow meter

The ideal starting point for choosing a flow meter is not with a manufacturer’s specifications, but with the details of your unique application. Electromagnetic...
A picture of filters used on cooling towers.

Automatic self cleaning filters help keep cooling towers clean and efficient

Only mechanical filtration can remove the tons of suspended solids that cooling towers grab from the atmosphere each year.
A picture of pressure vessels in a reverse osmosis system

Designing large reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis systems are reliable and user friendly. Optimal performance can be achieved by considering the feed water source and user environment.
Picture of the mobile water treatment lab

Mobile water treatment pilot plant helps determine best process

Determining and validating the best water treatment technologies to meet the unique needs of small, rural and First Nations communities has gone mobile.
Peyto Lake is not a renewable water source

Canadian water security threatened by trade agreements

Despite an abundance of water, Canada's water security may be threatened by obligations in the country's trade agreements.

Working and managing data in the cloud: The way ahead for water and wastewater...

Smart data management can improve overall water and wastewater quality, by ensuring data is as timely and accurate as possible.

Canadian women increasingly help lead the water treatment industry

Three Canadian women won awards at the 2014 American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference & Exposition.

The importance of continued participation in associations and events

Traditionally, most water and wastewater associations have been blessed with an abundance of volunteers. Cheerfully, they helped select seminar and conference locations, develop technical...

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