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cases of bottled water

Ontario proposes hold on new and expanded water bottling operations

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change announced it is proposing a two-year moratorium on new or expanded groundwater takings by bottling companies,...

YSI partners with leading AUV manufacturer OceanServer

OceanServer Technology, a manufacturer of commercial autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), announced on October 1, 2016, its continuation of a 10-year partnership with YSI (a...
Flint River

Researchers are examining water filters used by Flint residents

Researchers from Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University are conducting studies to determine the best ways to manage the...

Applications now open for Great Lakes Project funding

Organizations working to protect, restore and enhance the Great Lakes and surrounding water systems can now apply for up to $25,000 in funding. The Ontario...

Council of Canadians calls for boycott of Nestlé and bottled water

The Council of Canadians, an environmental activist group, launched a national boycott campaign against Nestlé and bottled water products in Guelph, Ontario, late last...
video on cyanotoxins and cyanobacteria

AWWA and Water Research Foundation publish cyanotoxins guidance for water utilities

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Research Foundation (WRF) have released a guide and additional resources to help water professionals detect...
riparian buffer zones plots

Riparian buffer zones reduce nutrient loading from agricultural runoff

Excess nitrogen from agricultural runoff can enter surface waters with devastating effects. Algal blooms and fish kills are a just a couple of possible...
Legionella pneumophila bacteria

Rising healthcare costs from bacteria in water supply systems

Data from the U.S. reveals that opportunistic premise plumbing pathogens in water supply systems, such as Legionella, are driving up healthcare costs.
Ex. Reservoir construction (1920s)

What to do when your drinking water reservoir springs a leak

During construction of a new contact tank and clearwell, the existing water reservoir developed a leak, flooding the site and decommissioning the reservoir.
Duck in algal cyanobacterial bloom

Increased frequency of algal blooms challenges drinking water systems

Cyanobacteria produces cyanotoxins that negatively affect the health of people and animals that consume or have other exposure to these waters.

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