How building information modelling can help your next project

Building information modelling is often overlooked for water and wastewater treatment applications. However, the benefits are numerous.

Water and wastewater treatment challenges in Canada’s North

There are many unique challenges that both operators and scientists involved in water and wastewater treatment face in Canada’s North.

Biological nitrogen removal using fixed biofilm

Fixed biofilm processes are robust and compact, enabling nitrogen removal of both organic nitrogen compounds and ammonia nitrogen in biological wastewater.

Importance of the microscope in wastewater operations

Wastewater process control is becoming increasingly complex. The microscope can be used to diagnose problems with sludge quality in wastewater operations.
Barry Orr and Jason Poole holding the Your Turn FOG cup together

Update on the “Your Turn” fats, oils and grease removal program

The program uses biodegradable paper cups, printed with information about the negative effects fats, oils and grease have on sewer systems.

Drop sewer insert reduces odour and increases dissolved oxygen

A drop sewer insert allowed Newburgh, Indiana to eliminate odour complaints and increase dissolved oxygen without the need for chemical injection.
coated pump impeller

Polymer coatings can significantly improve water pump efficiency

Fluid handling equipment may suffer from multiple problems, including physical and mechanical damage, as well as general or localized erosion and corrosion. These problems...
grit removal classifiers

Calgary installs new wastewater grit removal system

Adequate grit removal is particularly important to Calgary’s wastewater treatment, given the City’s location and topography. In the severe northern prairie winters, heavy ice...
Red Deer odour management facility from above

New system eliminates odour from South Red Deer’s wastewater force main

South Red Deer recently constructed a two stage odour management facility to address high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide.
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Thunder Bay Pulp Mill fined $250,000 for environmental violations

On several occasions between July 1 and December 30, 2013, the pulp mill's effluent did not meet the regulatory quality requirements.

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Red Deer’s new water treatment residuals facility earns sustainable infrastructure award

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