Dalhousie partners with Atlantic First Nations Water Authority to create new path forward

A new $4.3-million federal grant will allow Dalhousie University to support  the Atlantic First Nations Water Authority (AFNWA) to successfully deliver its mandate as...
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Violations lead Alberta village to consider geotechnical investigation of wastewater lagoon issues 

Municipal officials in the Alberta village of Big Valley want to undertake a geotechnical inspection of its wastewater lagoon, following alleged violations that date...
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How to identify excessive sludge accumulation in wastewater lagoons

Here are the most common signs of excessive sludge accumulation and a simple approach to maintain optimal system efficiency and effluent quality.

Centrifuge decanter helps WWTP achieve 30% solids sludge cake

In just the first two years of operation, the Water Reclamation Facility in the City of Middletown, Ohio, installed a highly efficient decanter that reduced production time by two days a week, increased efficiency, and saves thousands of litres of chemicals per year.
Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders support water systems and water supply for communities in Northern Manitoba

A collaboration between operators, ATAP trainers, and government staff results in the creation of a tailored plan which aids operators in acquiring certification.
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Confined space is just one material handling challenge facing wastewater plant operators

Many treatment plants have narrow spaces everywhere, such as those commonly found at pump stations or around digester tanks.
DPR water treatment consists of many stages, including primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary wastewater treatment

Perfecting wastewater pretreatment for direct potable reuse

In order to ensure the highest quality water, DPR systems often use ultrafiltration membranes in place of a tertiary wastewater treatment, or as a pretreatment before storage.
This large pad is laid out to have eight compost windrows 50 metres in length

Spring marks crucial test for NB biosolids composting facility

A third-party audit of the composting facility’s system in summer 2023 revealed that ongoing modifications may have eventually compromised aspects of the GORE system.
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Toronto’s new wastewater energy project could be first of many as partners share experience

Property owners and energy developers in Toronto can use an existing online map to determine whether a sewer is in the vicinity of their site for a wastewater energy project.
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Edmonton effectively upgrades large‑diameter self-supported sewer line using grooved system

Wastewater pipelines are often buried underground in urban areas, but Edmonton’s system features a unique design and construction. The 900-millimeter-diameter sanitary sewer line crosses Whitemud Creek on a 232-metre length and 30-metre high self-supported pipe, referred to as “Trestle 7.”
Housing construction

Federal budget set to launch $6B Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund

The federal government has proposed a new $6-billion Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate the construction and upgrading of critical housing infrastructure, including water,...
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Alberta wastewater pilot project nears completion for granular sludge reactor

A pilot project between the University of Alberta and the City of Calgary is nearing completion after exploring the development of cost-effective and energy...

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