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North Red Deer wastewater system earns second accolade in a year

The Stantec-designed North Red Deer Regional Wastewater System has received another honour for not only being on time and under budget, but for innovative...
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BC awards pump stations contract under massive McLoughlin Point wastewater project

British Columbia’s Capital Regional District (CRD) has awarded a $15.9-million contract to Knappett Projects Inc. to construct three pump stations and bridge crossings along...
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New study suggests Great Lakes’ pharmaceuticals need further research

A new study suggests that wastewater treatment plants are the primary source for pharmaceuticals entering the Great Lakes. The study, Reducing the Impact of Pharmaceuticals...

Eco-groups fight to wipe out wipe clogs with study that disproves flushability

Canadian eco-groups are calling for the Competition Bureau to launch an inquiry and levy false advertising fines to cover the costs of “flushable” wipes.
Capital Regional District Wastewater Treatment Plant Map

CRD wastewater project in Victoria, B.C., may require $10M in additional funding

British Columbia’s Capital Regional District (CRD) issued a notice to Victoria-area residents last week to warn that escalating construction and labour costs, as well...
Warren Kaeding-Saskatchewan-Government Relations Minister

Saskatchewan announces water, wastewater and flood resiliency investments

Saskatchewan announced a number of investments in water and wastewater treatment, as well as flood resiliency, in March 2019. On March 11, Bernadette Jordan, Minister...
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Nova Scotia demands new, detailed report for Northern Pulp wastewater project

On the subject of Northern Pulp’s pending environmental assessment, Nova Scotia’s Environment Minister has released a decision that demands more detailed information about 19...
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Ex situ treatment approach used for soil impacted with cyanides

Two environmental site assessments, subsurface investigation and monitoring programs, have been conducted at a former industrial facility in Guelph, Ontario.

Understanding how temperature and substrate influence wastewater nitrification

Cold dilute influent creates a challenge for operators trying to maintain the level of nitrification required to meet low NH3 effluent limits.
Biologic SR2 impact chart

Plant based micronutrients can effectively control WWTP and other odours

New biological and environmentally sustainable, plant based organic micronutrients has been developed to eliminate formation of odours.
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Manitoba increases water and wastewater capital funding

The government of Manitoba announced a $2 million increase in the Manitoba Water Services Board budget, to a total of $15.8 million, on March 19,...

Alberta invests more than $100M in wastewater upgrades, flood mitigation, transmission lines

More than $100 million in funding has been announced for critical Alberta water projects that range from wastewater treatment plant upgrades to flood mitigation,...
Upper York Sewage Solutions Map

First Nations group seeks more input on major York Region sewage project

The Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation, located on Ontario’s Lake Simcoe, say they want the Town of Georgina council to take “an official...
Riverhead Wastewater Treatment Facility

St. John’s asks for appeal, delay over 2020 secondary wastewater treatment deadline

The City contends that St. John’s was wrongly classified as high risk in the process when initial wastewater samples were taken over 2013 - 2014.

Regulations and testing are needed to fight ‘flushable’ wipes

Wastewater operators in Canada believe new flushability specifications will help reduce the cost and inconvenience to customers from blocked sewer pipes and the impacts to the environment from the flushing of inappropriate products down the toilet.

Niagara-on-the-Lake ramps up decommissioning of old treatment facility, sewage lagoons

With the Ontario city of Niagara-on-the-Lake set to open its new wastewater treatment facility as soon as March 2019, municipal officials have set aside...
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Northern Pulp submits plans for new effluent treatment plant, underwater pipeline

Nova Scotia Environment Minister Margaret Miller has until March 29 to decide whether a newly-submitted plan for Northern Pulp to manage a replacement effluent...
City of Kawartha

Kawartha Lakes agrees to new measures after drain maintenance sediment release

The City of Kawartha Lakes, in southeastern Ontario, has agreed to take several measures after a contractor’s drain maintenance work in 2014 released sediment...
BioCord Reactors

Enhancing wastewater lagoon nitrification in cold climates

With more stringent discharge guidelines, many northern, cold climate communities face challenges in biological treatment.
digestate concentration system

Maximizing the heat opportunities from anaerobic digesters

The most common uses of biogas produced by anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants are for digester heating, building heating, power generation, or driving process machinery.
Moog Flo-Tork

Wastewater plant gets major valve upgrade

The Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant is the largest sewage treatment facility in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, treating 1.7 billion litres per day.
AquaPrime filter diagram

Cloth media filter system chosen to treat combined sewer overflows

One city in the Great Lakes Region had to remedy a consent order filed for its untreated combined sewer overflow discharges.
Cape Breton

Cape Breton uses new funding formula for applications to meet 2020 wastewater regs

Although Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is unlikely to meet the 2020 federal compliance deadline for wastewater regulations, its Nova Scotia-based council is still looking...
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Newfoundland shifts to earlier timeframes for water project applications

Newfoundland’s shift to earlier annual deadlines for project applications, such as water and wastewater, aim to allow projects to be shovel ready by Spring.
Dawson City wastewater treatment plant exterior

Yukon hoping to be rid of problematic wastewater treatment plant by 2026

The Government of Yukon says its six-year-old wastewater treatment plant “has never operated the way it was intended to,” and is costing Dawson City...
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Northern Pulp pipe protestors may be permanently banned from blocking surveyors

The Northern Pulp paper mill in Nova Scotia won an injunction last month against protesters who blocked water surveyors because they were upset over...

New Ontario plan calls for real-time monitoring of sewage overflows

A newly-proposed plan from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks wants to improve municipal wastewater and stormwater management and reporting, and increase...
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StatCan releases first cannabis use report based on wastewater testing project

Statistics Canada has released its first report as part of a pilot project that explores the use of wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) to produce statistics...
McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant map

BC residents’ outcry changes plan around tree removals for McLoughlin Point WWTP

After more than a month of public outcry, British Columbia officials in the District of Saanich have decided to spare upwards of 50 trees...
New Gander wastewater treatment plant

Newfoundland breaks ground on new Gander wastewater treatment plant

The new Gander wastewater treatment plant will have a simple aerated lagoon treatment system to promote the biological oxidation of wastewaters.
Canada Freshwater Quality Infographic

Fraser report finds optimism on freshwater quality, wastewater progress

A new report by the Fraser Institute offers optimism over Canada’s freshwater quality and improvements to municipal wastewater treatment.
wastewater infrastructure

StatCan releases 2016 Canadian wastewater infrastructure data

Statistics Canada has released its latest survey data relating to wastewater infrastructure across the country. The 2016 data, released last week, covers categories that include...

Niagara-on-the-Lake wastewater plant set to open after delays

Eight years after its initial planning, and some two years past its deadline to be operational, the wastewater treatment facility intended to replace Niagara-on-the-Lake’s...
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Study finds liquid gated membranes cut energy, emissions in water filtering

Collaborators at the University of Waterloo and Northeastern University have joined forces for a study conducted by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering...
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Nova Scotia fishermen form blockade over paper mill’s water research

Nova Scotia fishermen have been blocking a survey boat hired by Northern Pulp to design a route for an effluent pipe into the Northumberland...
photo of the pulp plant

New Brunswick paper company facing record fine for river discharges

Irving Pulp and Paper Ltd. of Saint John, New Brunswick, has agreed to pay $3.5 million in penalties as part of an agreed statement...

PEI water tech firm to install wastewater sensors across Canada

Prince Edward Island company Island Water Technologies has secured a $470,000 federal government contract to install nine bio-electrode wastewater sensors that will monitor wastewater...

U.S. water CEOs talk water reuse progress at annual WateReuse symposium

Top water CEOs spoke about incredible growth opportunities in the water reuse sector, during a roundtable discussion at the Annual WateReuse Symposium.
Map of drains in Chatham-Kent

Ontario orders sewage warning signs for drains in Chatham-Kent

The Ontario municipality of Chatham-Kent, near the U.S. Detroit border, is working on signs in public places to warn people of potential sewage contamination...

Biosolids digester replacement project delivers savings and helps sustainability

The process hydrolyses dewatered biosolids, using low-temperature steam, high-speed shearing and alkali, in an enclosed, low-pressure reactor.
biogas system diagram

Wastewater biogas power system relies on thermal mass flow meters for optimal performance

Measuring digester biogas flow accurately over variable flow rates is critical to the success of wastewater biofuel co-gen energy production.
EPCOR's Nutrient Recovery Facility

Canada’s largest nutrient recovery facility opens in Edmonton

EPCOR, a utility company, in partnership with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, has officially unveiled a nutrient recovery facility in Edmonton that is the largest...
The Aerotech Wastewater Treatment Facility

Halifax Airport loses bid to delegate wastewater compliance for commercial tenants

When municipal servicer Halifax Water detected glycol in the wastewater during the winter of 2015-2016, it disrupted processes at its Aerotech Wastewater Treatment Facility, which serves a nearby business complex and the Halifax International Airport.

Accidents at water and wastewater plants injure workers

With two deaths at Canadian water plants in recent months, and two worker deaths in Texas, 10 people were injured in a wastewater plant explosion in Chicago

UK study finds greater ratio of microplastics downstream of WWTPs

The U.K. study found that microplastics were more prevalent downstream of wastewater treatment plants than they were upstream.
Stockholm Junior Water Prize winners

Singapore students win Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2018

Caleb Liow Jia Le and Johnny Xiao Hong Yu won the 2018 Stockholm Junior Water Prize for producing reduced graphene oxide, which can be used to purify water
treated FOG samples

FOG busting research may lead to improved anaerobic digestion and fewer clogs

New research shows that FOG can be "busted" with a pre-treatment process that allows for more digester loading and keeps FOG liquid at lower temperatures.

Wastewater funding set for upgrade projects in three provinces

A series of new funding announcements were issued last week for wastewater systems across Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In New Brunswick, $1.3 million...
Bowhead whale in the Northwest-Passage

Harmful grey water dumping in Canadian Arctic to double by 2035, new WWF study...

The amount of untreated grey water dumped in Canadian Arctic waters is projected to double by 2035 if left unregulated, according to a new...

Influent channel at Edmonton’s Gold Bar WWTP successfully repaired

Harsh environmental conditions inside wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) can cause significant deterioration and damage to the reinforced concrete structures.

Implementing vortex grit removal the right way

Historically, grit removal has not received the same attention as other processes in water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). However, this has been changing in recent years.

Sewage overflow tunnel projects underway in Ottawa, Toronto

Ontario’s two largest population centres, Toronto and Ottawa, are both working on elaborate tunnel projects intended to keep sewage overflow from spilling into local...
BCWWA report graphic

BC Water & Waste Association making headway on strategic plan

The British Columbia Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) says it’s on track to meet the outcomes of its three-year strategic plan, according to its...

Gander awards $18.7M wastewater treatment plant contract

The Newfoundland Town of Gander has awarded an $18.7-million tender to Pomerleau Inc. for the construction of its new wastewater treatment plant. According to a...

New grit recovery system installed at Edmonton’s Gold Bar WWTP

EPCOR needed to recover grit from wastewater to produce a reusable and marketable product without negatively impacting the environment or nearby communities

Wastewater treatment plant monitors its greenhouse gas emissions

To help with Helsinki's efforts to combat climate change a large wastewater treatment facility now continuously monitors its emissions of greenhouse gases.
view of Quinte-West

Ontario’s Quinte West approves $16M for wastewater upgrades

Quinte West city council has greenlighted funds to reconstruct the city's Dundas Street pumping station and twin both its river crossing and forcemain work.

Construction begins on Samson Cree First Nation wastewater plant

Construction is underway at Samson Cree First Nation, about 100 kilometres south of Edmonton, where the reserve is getting a new $32.5-million pumping system...

Series of mishaps leads to expensive overage costs for Canmore’s wastewater repairs

A process disruption, emergency repairs and replacements, as well as scheduled rehab work, led the Alberta town of Canmore’s public works department to request...

Silver nanoparticles can potentially interfere with wastewater treatment

Research at Oregon State University has shed new light on how increasingly common silver nanoparticles in consumer products can potentially interfere with the treatment...

Large-scale anaerobic testing at California wastewater plant aims for sustainability

Two Stanford University environmental engineers say it’s time to begin rebuilding outdated wastewater treatment plants with new considerations of water scarcity and energy intensity,...

Wastewater transmission system opens to connect four Alberta communities

Federal and provincial officials attended a commissioning ceremony earlier this month to celebrate the completion of the $71-million North Red Deer Regional Wastewater Transmission...

New Red Rock secondary treatment plant on pace to delist Nipigon Bay area of...

Construction of a secondary wastewater treatment facility this summer aims to bring the small northwestern Ontario town of Red Rock, east of Thunder Bay,...

National wastewater report calls for renewed focus on emerging contaminants

By David Nesseth While Canada has often held to a scattered approach that aims to merely meet minimum standards for wastewater treatment, a new report...

BC pulp mill fined $900K for untreated effluent discharge into lake

The British Columbia-based Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation has pleaded guilty in provincial court and been fined $900,000 for improperly treating wastewater effluent before discharging...

Penticton explores modern options for wastewater solids

Penticton’s public works manager is recommending that the British Columbia city spend $125,000 to have a consultant recommend an array of modern options for...

Timmins approves $2.2M upgrade for northern Ontario wastewater treatment plant

The northern Ontario City of Timmins has awarded a $2.2-million primary clarifier upgrade to Pro Pipe Construction Ltd. for its Mattagami Wastewater Pollution Control...

Biotech pioneers win 2018 Stockholm Water Prize

Professors Bruce Rittmann and Mark van Loosdrecht were named the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize Laureates for their research and innovations in revolutionizing water and...

Wastewater upgrades and straight pipe removal boost outlook for LaHave River

Nova Scotia’s LaHave River runs in between two small municipalities, Bridgewater and Lunenburg. New projects are now underway to improve and maintain the health...
concrete damaged by microbial induced corrosion

Combating microbial induced concrete corrosion at wastewater plants

Microbial induced concrete corrosion in sewage and water treatment systems is a "natural enemy" of conventional plants, frequently causing damage to concrete and metal...

Tap Ontario water technology to cut GHGs, says new report

By David Nesseth As reliable water sources dwindle, and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions becomes critical, WaterTAP, Ontario’s water-technology champion, says in a...

BC may fine village after two decades of wastewater non-compliance

British Columbia’s Village of Cumberland, which just received more than $100,000 from the provincial government for tourist projects, may be giving cash right back...
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Small Ontario town split over mayor’s plea to create wastewater plant

To keep pace with population growth and business demands in the Town of Erin, located 80 kilometres northwest of Toronto, local officials are vying...
construction of the wastewater treatment plant in Thompson, Manitoba

Construction underway for Thompson, Manitoba’s new SBR wastewater treatment plant

The foundation is laid and construction is underway for the City of Thompson’s new $36.5-million single centralized wastewater treatment facility, featuring a sequencing batch...
wastewater basins

How to control odour and microbial induced corrosion in waste streams

Odour may be exacerbated due to side-stream intercepts such as poultry facilities, paint manufacture effluent, and food process waste.
Aire-O2™ Universal Mount

New mounting system allows for easier and safer aeration system maintenance

Through conversations with plant operators and service experience, Aeration Industries recognized the importance of maintenance and safety for those servicing wastewater aeration equipment. The idea to develop a mount on a sliding pedestal so operators could maintain equipment safely on the walkway was conceived.

Advanced pump station monitoring provides real-time data for performance analysis

Volucalc, a device from Canadian manufacturer Maid Labs, makes use of very simple information available in the pumping station to collect data and alarm the operator if anything goes wrong.

Pretreatment for membrane bioreactors is imperative for performance

To maximize the success of membrane bioreactors, pretreatment should be a top priority. Process can be compromised by even the smallest solid or debris.

Digester optimization helped by new thermal wet gas flow meters

New developments in anaerobic digester controls allow a single digester to process a greater volume of solids in a shorter period of time by isolating and treating the phases of digestion separately.

World’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence now available in Canada

Global water technology company Xylem, announced that has developed the world’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. This new smart, interconnected wastewater pumping...

StatCan seeks wastewater analyzer to gauge cannabis use

It isn’t new to test municipal wastewater for nitrogen, phosphorus or chemical oxygen demand, but using wastewater to gauge drug use among the public...

New report: Building capacity among small water systems in BC

Approximately, 15% of BC water users receive their water from one of over 4,500 small water systems around the province. Yet, many of these small...

Two-town $21.9M wastewater plant underway in Saskatchewan

Westridge Construction says January 2018 will mark the start of construction on Saskatchewan’s wastewater treatment plant for White City and Emerald Park, two towns...

Unintended consequences of municipal water conservation

Indoor residential water conservation can have unintended consequences in places where wastewater reuse has been implemented, diminishing both the quantity and quality of influent...
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Water infrastructure upgrades wrap up in Quebec, kick-off in Nunavut

As the last of three water infrastructure projects nears completion in Asbestos, Quebec, new funding has been announced for two water infrastructure projects in...

Kelowna’s wastewater plant upgrades lead to end of 11-year water advisory

Kelowna’s wastewater treatment plant has existed in British Columbia since the early 1900s, undergoing a series of periodic upgrades. Now, for the first time...
your turn cups

Fatberg-fighting grease cup collection program launches Canada-wide

To address the fallout of paying $600,000 a year to flush out fatbergs from its wastewater system, the City of London, Ontario, has found...
ISE cleaning

Proper sensor installation and maintenance ensures reliable data from online electrodes

Wastewater treatment plants rely on instrumentation to keep their facilities in compliance and running at optimum levels.

KSB to supply pumps for Hamilton sewage treatment plant upgrade

KSB Pumps has been awarded a contract to supply twelve large wastewater pumps for the Woodward Avenue Main Pumping Station in Hamilton, Ontario. Each...

Northern Pulp’s replacement effluent treatment facility under scrutiny in Nova Scotia

A new effluent treatment facility proposed to handle wastewater from a Northern Pulp paper mill is under fire from environmentalists.

New research will identify how microplastics are transported into waters

Microplastics or microbeads are bits of plastic under 5 millimetres in size. They are found in cosmetics, cleaning products and clothes and are listed...

London’s Greenway WWTP chooses centrifuges for sludge dewatering

London Ontario’s Greenway wastewater treatment plant takes in sludge from six other city treatment plants. Sludge dewatering is achieved using centrifuges.

Taking steps to overcome wastewater pumping challenges

Solid and fibrous materials in wastewater can block or clog pumps, valves and piping systems. Abrasive materials, such as sand, can cause premature wear.

New bio-electrode sensors allow for real-time BOD measurement

Bio-electrode sensors are an emerging technology for monitoring water quality. They allow users to measure the metabolic activity of a microbial community.

Evaluating the performance of new fluid bed incinerators

The Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) in Pickering, Ontario, is jointly owned by the Regional Municipalities of York and Durham.
clarifiers at the sudbury wastewater treatment plant

The evolution and growth of Sudbury’s wastewater treatment plant

By Joshua Ranger The Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Ontario has evolved tremendously over its 45 years of existence. This can be attributed to...

New device reduces polymer use and controls struvite during sludge dewatering

HydroFLOW technology is being used in the wastewater sector to control struvite and other scale forming issues during sludge dewatering processes.

Wastewater resources can be valuable if reclaimed properly

Operators of wastewater treatment plants can combat wasted natural resources and unnecessary expenses, by shifting their focus towards resource recovery.

Researchers find metal salts significantly reduce wastewater treatment odours

Researchers from University of British Columbia's Okanagan (UBC) campus say they have developed a new way of making wastewater treatment dramatically safer and better...

Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region

Human antidepressants are building up in the brains of bass, walleye and several other fish common to the Great Lakes region, scientists say. In...
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