Saskatchewan First Nation fined for wastewater discharge into lake

The Black Lake Denesuline First Nation of Saskatchewan faces a $10,000 fine after federal officials discovered some 86,000 litres of wastewater had been released...

WEF tasked to lead U.S. network for COVID wastewater monitoring

As the U.S. looks to create its first government-led wastewater surveillance program, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) has been tasked with training a nationwide...

Automated wastewater treatment systems help with compliance and reduce costs

An automated wastewater treatment system can eliminate the need to monitor equipment in person while complying with mandated requirements. Such auto-mated systems separate suspended sol-ids, emulsified oil and heavy metals, and encapsulate the contaminants, producing an easily dewaterable sludge in minutes.
MABR cassette installation

Cambridge’s Hespeler WWTP adopts membrane aerated biofilm reactor technology

While the first phase of improvements was underway at Cambridge’s Hespeler WWTP, a study was done to evaluate the merits of installing membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology for secondary treatment.

Testing an oxygenation system at a sewage lift station for odour control

At a lift station in Alberta, the ability of oxygenation technology was tested for wastewater odour control at the forcemain discharge and to determine the capacity required to provide effective control of corrosion and odour.

Florida on high alert as wastewater reservoir near collapse

Parts of Florida remain in a state of emergency after a portion of a wastewater reservoir’s containment wall shifted laterally, risking a large-scale structural...

Nearly $90M in funding could jumpstart water work for 37 Ontario First Nations

Canada is investing $69.5 million for clean drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure improvements in 37 First Nation communities across Ontario. The new funding will...

Metro Vancouver unveils first of several new renewable natural gas facilities

A new facility designed to recover more energy from liquid wastewater treatment is now being showcased in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. The $11.2-million facility —...

Saskatchewan city links recent sewer clogs to flushed masks

As water workers discover more blockages in sewer lines, the Saskatchewan City of Prince Albert has issued an advisory to its 36,000 residents to...
Saint John

Saint John upgrades combined sewer system that has elements from 1872

Upgrades worth $38.7 million will soon be in the works for part of the combined sewer system in uptown Saint John, where the New...

Metro Vancouver launches interactive web tool for COVID-19 wastewater tracking

Metro Vancouver residents can now just click on a specific wastewater treatment plant over five regions to see a snapshot of the COVID-19 virus...

Selkirk’s new WWTP equipped to serve double current population

The two-year construction of a new $39.5-million wastewater treatment plant will be completed for the Manitoba City of Selkirk this summer, offering the capacity...
Map of Stratford PEI

Lagoons turn to green space as wastewater plan advances in P.E.I. town

After several years in planning, and nearly $11 million in project funding, wastewater is finally flowing from the Prince Edward Island Town of Stratford...

Hamilton officials say approvals will make creek cleanup timeline challenging

City of Hamilton officials say it could take nearly a year beyond Ontario’s fall deadline before it’s able to complete the dredging of a...

Vernon forced to discharge wastewater to lake as irrigation use derailed

Starting this month, the Vernon Water Reclamation Centre (VWRC) will be forced to discharge reclaimed water through a deep outfall to British Columbia’s Okanagan...

Ottawa researchers finalize wastewater test for UK COVID variant

A new wastewater test developed by Ottawa researchers is able to detect B.1.1.7, the most prominent of three new COVID-19 variants. The Children's Hospital of...
COVID-19 test

COVID variants detected in Wastewater prior to lab sequencing

In the new study, researchers sequence RNA extracted from wastewater samples, but there may be many different strains present because there are many individuals contributing to the sample. This makes it challenging to distinguish the SARS-CoV-2 genetic signal from the billions of bacteria and viruses people excrete every day.
iFILT – Diamond Filter

Innovative filter greatly reduces discharge of microplastics in wastewater effluent

The filter is based on a revolutionary fluid mechanics general concept. The basic idea is to combine an optimized fluid mechanics design with the cross-flow filtration process engineering approach.
Lift station sensor

How three municipalities are changing the game with level measurement technology

As radar technology has become more prolific, it has also become more affordable and cost-effective for wastewater treatment plants of any size. Operators need reliable measurements to keep pumps running smoothly, maintain inventory of important chemicals and additives, and measure how much water is moving through their facility.
Aeration lagoon

Study identifies wastewater management strategy for western Saskatchewan

The design and construction of a wastewater management system includes two new sewage pumping stations; 32 kilometres of 100 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm high-density polyethylene wastewater forcemains; two new truck dump stations; a new booster station; and a new aerated lagoon to treat wastewater from the region.

Stripping ammonia from landfill leachate to produce hydrogen makes economic sense

Is it possible to turn landfill leachate from being a liability into an asset? Many minds have been exercised with this challenge but so far no one has broken through. Leachate remains a potentially troublesome problem with no clear route to becoming an asset.

Wastewater treatment plant installs prefabricated modular insulated floating tank cover system

As a result of increased demands on the 430 m³/day facility in St. Jacobs, Ont., upgrades were necessary for it to run as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime. It took only three days to install the panels of the prefabricated modular insulated floating cover system, while the plant was kept in operation
industrial wastewater

Can recycling technologies resolve the industrial water supply crisis?

By using some of the latest cleantech solutions, industrial wastewater can be recycled, so a variety of manufacturing plants, mining companies, and oil and gas producers no longer have to withdraw millions of litres of freshwater daily.
BioCord install

Five things to know about wastewater lagoon upgrades

There are many options for wastewater lagoon technologies that can likely achieve upgrade objectives. However, there are also several important aspects to consider to ensure that the system aligns well with the current operational process, at a price the community can afford.

Colorado professor wins water award for UV research legacy

The National Water Research Institute (NWRI) has awarded its annual Clarke Prize for Excellence in Water Research to University of Colorado Boulder Civil Engineering...
Thames Water workers

Thames Water UK launches massive hiring drive, triples apprenticeships

Britain’s largest water and wastewater utility said it hopes to hire 1,000 new workers this year, Thames Water UK announced late last month. The water...

Quebec researchers degrading microplastics with anodic oxidation

A new case study from Quebec’s Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) has shown some success in degrading microplastic particles through electrolytic oxidation...

PEI potato plant fined for wastewater overflow

Owners of a Prince Edward Island potato-washing facility are facing a $1,000 fine after a wastewater discharge spanning some 500 metres overflowed from one...

Citizen science may educate public on pharmaceutical water pollution, report suggests

A new report examining pharmaceuticals found in the Great Lakes considers how citizen science initiatives could be developed to educate as well as fill...

Ottawa researchers say wastewater testing for COVID variant coming soon

As Canada’s capital attempts to control surging new cases from reaching “grey” level status, a collaboration between the CHEO Research Institute and University of...

U.S. water sector highlights critical role as vaccine rollout planning begins

Calling the water sector a “lifeline sector” that “underpins all aspects of society,” officials with the U.S.-based Water Sector Coordinating Council (WSCC) say they...

Investigation begins into U.K. wastewater plant blast that killed four

Officials at U.K.-based Wessex Water have vowed to figure out why four men died earlier this month in a large explosion at its wastewater...

Water infrastructure upgrades slated for Quebec, Ontario communities

Significant water infrastructure projects in Quebec and Ontario received funding the week of December 7 from the federal government as investments in the protection...

International body updates flushability test for ‘flushable’ wipes

The International Water Service Flushability Group (IWSFG) has revised its Consumer Flushability Guidelines to further define key aspects about what makes a product suitable...
HRS digestate concentration system

Evaluating the business case for using wastewater digestate

Digestate has multiple benefits when used as soil additive or biofertilizer despite it being often only used as livestock bedding or biomass fuel.
raw sewage pumping station

Hamilton’s Woodward Avenue WWTP gets new raw sewage pump station

The $340 million upgrade to Hamilton’s Woodward Avenue WWTP includes elevating the plant’s final treatment process from secondary to tertiary levels, increasing the processing of treated wastewater and allowing the plant to reach strict discharge limits.
Chedoke waterfall

Ontario orders further action on Hamilton’s ‘Sewergate’

In the wake of four years of sewage leaking undetected into a City of Hamilton creek, Ontario has ordered the city to undertake targeted...
Tri-Vent® Series TM09

AIR Intake filter recycles waste heat to prevent WWTP equipment from freezing

Just as winter always arrives, intake filters for blowers and compressors always have the potential to freeze in cold, humid climates. In nearly all of Canada, filter freezing and early morning high differential pressure alarms can be a fact of life for plant operators.

Teen earns Order of Nova Scotia for fighting sewage contamination of LaHave River

Curiosity and follow-through on the issue of straight pipes and sewage have earned 16-year-old high school student Stella Bowles, from the Town of Bridgewater,...

Wastewater may be conduit for transmission of COVID-19 to marine mammals, study says

At least 15 species of endangered marine mammals may be susceptible to COVID-19, and the discharge of untreated wastewater could be carrying the virus...
microplastics in ocean water

Global Water Institute earns grant to detect, remove microplastics from wastewater

Ottawa’s Global Water Institute has received a $230,000, 18-month grant for research to develop solutions for the detection and removal of microplastics and microfibres...
John Giesy headshot

USask wastewater analysis gave head start to health officials on COVID-19 spike

A University of Saskatchewan (USask) ecotoxicologist says researchers can give health officials at least a week’s notice on changes in the COVID-19 trend line...
Scientist Lawrence Goodridge

U of Guelph to track wastewater for food-borne illnesses, COVID-19

A new $6.5-million outbreak detection project led by a University of Guelph food scientist aims to develop an approach to metagenomic detection of food-borne...

Saskatchewan town completes $5M in upgrades for WWTP

After six months and $5.1 million worth of construction upgrades, the Preeceville wastewater treatment plant in Saskatchewan has been completely renovated and connected to...
ADS PRISM wastewater collection system platform

ADS announces updated PRISM 2.0 platform for wastewater collection systems

ADS Environmental Services®, a provider of intelligent flow, level, and rainfall monitoring solutions, announced the release of their PRISM Version 2.0 solution platform on...

City of Belleville investigates trial of wastewater odour suppressant

City water staff in Belleville, Ontario, have been testing a new odour-control product to break down and control sulfur compounds like hydrogen sulfide and...

US EPA launches initiative, grants to build future water workforce

The U.S. has released a new plan to recruit and retain the next generation of its water workforce through planning, training and collaboration across...

Construction begins for Cape Breton’s Sydney Harbour wastewater upgrade

Five years after securing federal funding, construction of Nova Scotia’s Westmount wastewater collection system in Cape Breton is finally underway. Three outfalls currently discharging into...
Town of Baie Verte

Newfoundland town fined $50K for chlorine leaks into local river

The Newfoundland and Labrador Town of Baie Verte has been ordered to pay a $50,000 fine after pleading guilty to discharges of highly-chlorinated water...

Software helps ensure WWTP compliance while streamlining reporting requirements

By automatically integrating change of regulations in the cloud environment, Sanitation District No. 1 is able to keep on top of changing regulations without involving IT for software updates.
Environment PFAS

B.C. company’s technology removes PFAS and EDCs from leachate and industrial effluents

New research by the non-profit Environmental Working Group shows PFAS are prevalent in municipal tap water.

Improved plumbing designs could boost testing accuracy for viruses in wastewater

As the world experiences what some see as the “new normal”, GHD is working with Envision to learn from the ongoing pandemic and consider ways that design could help people that may be in similar situations in the future.

Quebec funds electrolysis technology to clean mining wastewater

Quebec is investing $4.5 million in a Sherbrooke-based clean technology company specializing in electrolysis to help create opportunities for mining operations to recycle wastewater. Funded...
Chestermere Mayor and representatives

Alberta city launches sewage pilot project for biofuel conversion

The Alberta city of Chestermere has begun a pilot program to convert the sewage of its some 20,000 residents into raw water, fertilizer and...

New studies warn of denim’s lasting impact through wastewater

Two new studies with connections to the University of Toronto have detailed the troublesome environmental footprints that blue jeans — one of the most...
heat recovery stacks facility

Vancouver, Richmond receive funding for wastewater heat recovery systems

Vancouver’s successful wastewater heat recovery project in False Creek is getting a $14-million boost to add more heat recovery capacity to its system. The Vancouver...

UCalgary, brewery debut Alberta’s first wastewater-treated beer

Despite testing 80 parameters for its latest limited edition brew, Alberta’s Village Brewery says it still understands the “mental hurdle” involved with trying a...
COVID-19 Wastewater Risk Cover

New WEF report suggests ‘low’ COVID-19 risk for wastewater workers, but calls for further...

A blue-ribbon panel of 16 wastewater sector experts that convened in April has determined in a new report that the occupational risk of COVID-19...
Swift Current Wastewater Treatment Plant Photo

Swift Current rejected under ICIP for WWTP upgrades

The mayor of Swift Current says the Saskatchewan city was left “on the outside looking in” when it realized available infrastructure funds in the...

SUEZ’s ZeeLung selected for world’s largest MABR project in Canada

SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions announced on August 17 that the Region of Waterloo has selected SUEZ’s ZeeLung technology to equip what will...
New-Brunswick Wastewater announcement

New Brunswick secures wastewater upgrade funding as officials warn of algal bloom

Provincial, federal and municipal officials have announced $32.3 million in funding to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant operated by the Greater Shediac Sewerage Commission...
flooding in Taber Alberta

Alberta gets another funding injection for array of water projects

A series of new projects will be underway in Alberta, ranging from a new carbon dioxide injector pump, to the expansion of wastewater treatment...
A peristaltic pump.

Finding the right dosing pump for water and wastewater treatment processes

Both diaphragm or peristaltic chemical metering/dosing pumps are positive displacement pumps, but they work in very different ways. A question often asked is which of these pump types will be the most effective and reliable?
Hydro excavation slurry

Hydro excavation waste slurries should no longer be a worry

Hydro excavation, also known as daylighting, trenchless digging, and non-destructive digging results in slurry, made up of 60% water and 40% solids. This type of byproduct is difficult and expensive to deal with, especially if the intention is to dump it at a landfill site, due to its solid/liquid state and weight.
MBBR system

Biofilm technology improves wastewater treatment in cold weather lagoons

An MBBR system is versatile and can be used to provide consistent ammonia removal throughout the year, as demonstrated by many pilot studies and full-scale applications.
Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Calgary wastewater treatment plant can achieve energy-neutral status

To reduce energy use, Associated Engineering reviewed the treatment processes and compared them to less energy-intensive options, with the potential for improved biogas production. For energy recovery, the team conducted an in-depth analysis of cogeneration, the process of converting gas to electricity and heat.
Wood pulp to paper

Validating real-time monitoring platform to detect pulp and paper black liquor discharge events

Black liquor spills can subject a system to periods of upset conditions and could potentially push the total BOD loading beyond the plant’s aeration capacity, leading to potential permit violations.
Radio path studies

SCADA communications network enables remote operations in Wood Buffalo

The project was developed in three stages. Stage one was to develop a SCADA master plan for the municipality, including developing a network plan for every water and wastewater facility.
Ramara Water Infrastructure

Ramara outsources water, wastewater services to OCWA

Ramara Township, just northeast of Barrie, Ontario, has voted in support of outsourcing the community’s water and wastewater services to the Ontario Clean Water...
Woodward tertiary treatment construction

Hamilton discovers PCBs during WWTP upgrades, biosolids project nears completion

The City of Hamilton has experienced further delays on its massive wastewater treatment plant upgrades after discovering a “significant amount” of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs)...
CRD residuals treatment facility construction

Capital Regional District wastewater project set to finish construction by summer’s end

After nearly four years of construction, a group of 600 construction workers are busy entering the final stretch of construction for British Columbia’s massive...
water supply and treatment facilities

Alberta grants $150M for 55 water, wastewater projects in small municipalities

$137 million is allocated for improvements to water supply, treatment facilities, upgrades to wastewater services such as lagoons, berms, sewage treatment.
lake nutrient

Study warns of growing wastewater impact on nutrient imbalance in lakes as more facilities...

Study warns surge in wastewater treatment may be harming ecosystem biodiversity by creating an imbalance between phosphorus and nitrogen.
grease trap

New tech helps manage FOG at collection and food production sites

It has been estimated that grease trap waste and uncollected grease entering sewage treatment plants ranges from 365 kg to 7,700 kg of grease per restaurant, per year. In response, municipalities continue to adopt more stringent regulations, detailing how food preparation and food processing businesses handle and dispose of grease.
Montrose wastewater treatment plant

Village’s wastewater oxidation ditches still in service after 57 years of operation

As the Village of Montrose in British Columbia prepares to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility, the makers of the still-working, original aeration technology can safely say that their engineering products are built to last.

Unlocking data from water, wastewater and stormwater systems

Using data from hydrological systems, organizations can properly account for and appropriately allocate water resources while minimizing impacts on the environment.
Gasket displacement

Are reinforced concrete pipe joints infiltration proof?

Observing leaky joints during inspection is not uncommon and, in some cases, is too frequent and very costly to repair. Contractors rely on their experience to manage infiltration risks. Installation quality can only be revealed after the pipeline is backfilled and put into service.
sanitary sewer services

Wastewater district digitizes its system inspection workflow and design

New processes required the ability to tie mobile data collection apps directly to GIS software, while ensuring field data remained tied to the asset throughout the inspection and review life cycle.

Contamination ongoing as wastewater overflows continue in Quebec, researchers say

A new three-year study from Quebec’s Foundation Rivières has found that seven out of 10 municipalities still experience some form of contamination from local...

U.K. water utility unveils ‘Barbarian’ wet wipe fighter, reveals list of flushed oddities

In 2019, Northumbrian Water discovered that 64% of the 15,600 blockages the U.K-based utility cleared were caused by wet wipes. Enter sewer gadget inventor,...

WEF update explores virus detection methods, infectivity through wastewater

As wastewater increasingly becomes part of the mainstream conversation during the COVID-19 pandemic as a tool to measure the spread of the virus, the...

Hamilton report suggests ‘no action’ in wake of CSO creek discharge

Following a provincial order to determine the environmental impact of a four-and-a-half-year long accidental discharge of stormwater runoff and sanitary sewage into Chedoke Creek...
CBRM Council Chambers

Province steps up funding for Cape Breton’s delayed high-risk wastewater projects

Officials with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) in Nova Scotia say they are relieved that the province has stepped up with new funding...
Long Plain wastewater lagoon

Removing CECs from cold water post-lagoon wastewater treatment systems

A Canadian-made wastewater treatment innovation could be part of a long-term sustainable solution for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in extreme cold climates.
construction pipe

How to reduce the risk of I/I in new sanitary sewers from the private...

A recent publication, “Manual of Best Practices to Reduce Risk of Inflow and Infiltration in Private Side New Construction of Sanitary Sewers” provides practical, actionable solutions for building officials (and development engineering departments) to immediately implement strategies to reduce inflow and infiltration risk.
heat exchanger fouling

How to prevent the many types of heat exchanger fouling

When handling difficult materials, such as sewage sludge or corrosive chemicals, heat exchangers can be particularly susceptible to chemical, biological, sedimentation or corrosion fouling.
Reverse osmosis technology

Exploring treatment options to remove new contaminants in landfill leachate

The growing need to prevent impacts to groundwater and surface water caused by landfills is driving developments in water treatment that may see application elsewhere. There has been a growing list of products including asbestos and PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyl) that were once heralded as “wonder materials,” that have turned out to have negative impacts on the environment and people.
coronavirus illustration

What treatment professionals need to know about the coronavirus and the water cycle

With the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, utilities are looking for resources to deal with relevant issues related to water and wastewater treatment.

Researchers launch sewage testing program, ship sampling kits to measure COVID-19 spread

With patient testing facing limitations, a team of biologists, epidemiologists, data scientists, urban planners and engineers are soliciting wastewater treatment samples from facilities across...

WEF messaging toolkit offers ‘thank you’ to water workers on frontline

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is looking to highlight the importance of water services during the coronavirus pandemic by releasing a “toolkit” of graphics...

Canadian municipalities urge their residents to think about what they flush

To prevent sewage backups, municipalities and water organizations are telling customers to avoid treating their toilets like trashcans, especially during the COVID-19 situation. “At a...

Hamilton making headway on massive $340M Woodward WWTP upgrades

As the largest single water investment ever for the City of Hamilton, the $340-million series of multi-stage, multi-year process upgrades for the Woodward Wastewater...

BC region closer to success on second funding attempt for sewage treatment plant upgrades

British Columbia’s approval of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary’s Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) ticks off a key box towards the greenlighting of...
coronavirus illustration

COVID-19 resources for waste and water professionals

Various industry water organizations across North America are creating online resources to keep water and sanitation practitioners and providers armed with relevant knowledge about...

New wastewater spreadsheets added to Canada’s open-data website

Canada’s wastewater data is finally wading further into the realm of transparency thanks to Environment Canada’s latest additions to the federal Open Data website. The...
Dawson City Wastewater Treatment Plant

Yukon settles Corix lawsuit over troubled wastewater plant

The Yukon government says it will no longer be pursuing its $39.5-million lawsuit filed in 2017 against Corix Water Systems, the company that built...

Bishop Water BioCord Reactors to be distributed in Chile by Novatech

BioCord™ Reactors will now be available in South America as part of a new distribution agreement with Novatech, Bishop Water Technologies announced on February...
Manitoba provincial flag

Manitoba announces wastewater and flood protection investments

Manitoba will provide more than $61 million to support the upgrade of the City of Portage la Prairie’s Water Pollution Control Facility, Premier Brian...

Yukon’s Dawson City exploring lagoons to replace troubled wastewater plant

Dawson City and the Yukon government are in the early stages of creating a plan to replace its problematic seven-year-old wastewater plant with a...

Water Research Foundation accepting pre-proposals for the Unsolicited Research Program

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) announced it is now accepting pre-proposals for the Unsolicited Research Program. The program funds novel, transformative research and innovation...

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EPA issues first-of-its-kind enforcement over chemical maker’s PFAS Ohio River contamination

In its first ever Clean Water Act enforcement action, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered chemical maker Chemours to take corrective measures...