lake nutrient

Study warns of growing wastewater impact on nutrient imbalance in lakes as more facilities...

Study warns surge in wastewater treatment may be harming ecosystem biodiversity by creating an imbalance between phosphorus and nitrogen.
grease trap

New tech helps manage FOG at collection and food production sites

It has been estimated that grease trap waste and uncollected grease entering sewage treatment plants ranges from 365 kg to 7,700 kg of grease per restaurant, per year. In response, municipalities continue to adopt more stringent regulations, detailing how food preparation and food processing businesses handle and dispose of grease.
Montrose wastewater treatment plant

Village’s wastewater oxidation ditches still in service after 57 years of operation

As the Village of Montrose in British Columbia prepares to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility, the makers of the still-working, original aeration technology can safely say that their engineering products are built to last.

Unlocking data from water, wastewater and stormwater systems

Using data from hydrological systems, organizations can properly account for and appropriately allocate water resources while minimizing impacts on the environment.
Gasket displacement

Are reinforced concrete pipe joints infiltration proof?

Observing leaky joints during inspection is not uncommon and, in some cases, is too frequent and very costly to repair. Contractors rely on their experience to manage infiltration risks. Installation quality can only be revealed after the pipeline is backfilled and put into service.
sanitary sewer services

Wastewater district digitizes its system inspection workflow and design

New processes required the ability to tie mobile data collection apps directly to GIS software, while ensuring field data remained tied to the asset throughout the inspection and review life cycle.

Contamination ongoing as wastewater overflows continue in Quebec, researchers say

A new three-year study from Quebec’s Foundation Rivières has found that seven out of 10 municipalities still experience some form of contamination from local...

U.K. water utility unveils ‘Barbarian’ wet wipe fighter, reveals list of flushed oddities

In 2019, Northumbrian Water discovered that 64% of the 15,600 blockages the U.K-based utility cleared were caused by wet wipes. Enter sewer gadget inventor,...

WEF update explores virus detection methods, infectivity through wastewater

As wastewater increasingly becomes part of the mainstream conversation during the COVID-19 pandemic as a tool to measure the spread of the virus, the...

Hamilton report suggests ‘no action’ in wake of CSO creek discharge

Following a provincial order to determine the environmental impact of a four-and-a-half-year long accidental discharge of stormwater runoff and sanitary sewage into Chedoke Creek...

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