City of Kawartha

Kawartha Lakes agrees to new measures after drain maintenance sediment release

The City of Kawartha Lakes, in southeastern Ontario, has agreed to take several measures after a contractor’s drain maintenance work in 2014 released sediment...
Cape Breton

Cape Breton uses new funding formula for applications to meet 2020 wastewater regs

Although Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is unlikely to meet the 2020 federal compliance deadline for wastewater regulations, its Nova Scotia-based council is still looking...
water construction site

Newfoundland shifts to earlier timeframes for water project applications

Newfoundland’s shift to earlier annual deadlines for project applications, such as water and wastewater, aim to allow projects to be shovel ready by Spring.
Dawson City wastewater treatment plant exterior

Yukon hoping to be rid of problematic wastewater treatment plant by 2026

The Government of Yukon says its six-year-old wastewater treatment plant “has never operated the way it was intended to,” and is costing Dawson City...
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Northern Pulp pipe protestors may be permanently banned from blocking surveyors

The Northern Pulp paper mill in Nova Scotia won an injunction last month against protesters who blocked water surveyors because they were upset over...

New Ontario plan calls for real-time monitoring of sewage overflows

A newly-proposed plan from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks wants to improve municipal wastewater and stormwater management and reporting, and increase...
Close up of medical marijuana joint

StatCan releases first cannabis use report based on wastewater testing project

Statistics Canada has released its first report as part of a pilot project that explores the use of wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) to produce statistics...
McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant map

BC residents’ outcry changes plan around tree removals for McLoughlin Point WWTP

After more than a month of public outcry, British Columbia officials in the District of Saanich have decided to spare upwards of 50 trees...
New Gander wastewater treatment plant

Newfoundland breaks ground on new Gander wastewater treatment plant

The new Gander wastewater treatment plant will have a simple aerated lagoon treatment system to promote the biological oxidation of wastewaters.
Canada Freshwater Quality Infographic

Fraser report finds optimism on freshwater quality, wastewater progress

A new report by the Fraser Institute offers optimism over Canada’s freshwater quality and improvements to municipal wastewater treatment.

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