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B.C. opens up $150M in second round of water and wastewater grants

A combination of new federal and provincial infrastructure funding is opening up grants totalling $150 million for water and wastewater services in British Columbia. B.C....

City of Ottawa announces WWTP upgrades as sewage overflow project marks major milestone

Ottawa has now completed all six kilometres of tunneling for its Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel project, which aims to significantly reduce overflows when wastewater...
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Vancouver-based study measures extent of aquatic pollution from microfibers in laundry

Laundry machines in Canada and the U.S can release upwards of 878 tonnes of microfibres to the aquatic environment each year following wastewater treatment,...

French firm wins build contract for B.C.’s Annacis Island WWTP expansion

Paris-based VINCI Construction has won a $184-million contract to build new pipelines as part of an expansion for British Columbia’s Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment...

Winnipeg aims for cost-sharing to aid $909M wastewater centre upgrades

Four major capital infrastructure project proposals totalling just shy of $1 billion will come before the City of Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee later this...

Unserviced portion of North Okanagan to build $36.9M wastewater system

A wastewater recovery system for British Columbia’s North Okanagan district will soon prevent septic system contaminants from leaching into Swan Lake, now that a...

Continuous insulation resistance testing can prevent wastewater pump motor failure

Wastewater treatment plants rely heavily on motors for critical applications and to maintain service objectives and treatment quality levels. Therefore, it is important to continually monitor and maintain pumps.

Comparing spiral and corrugated tube heat exchangers for wastewater

Spiral heat exchangers are synonymous with wastewater treatment due to high-fouling risks, viscous fluids and fibres or solids content. However, in many situations the performance of corrugated tube heat exchangers are equal to, or better than, spiral designs.

Wastewater reuse can help Canada’s dairy industry

The Canadian dairy industry is a major economic contributor, employing roughly 221,000 people and keeping almost 1 million dairy cows. Rising water and wastewater costs have made in-house water treatment and reuse an economic choice.

Treating variable strength landfill leachate and wastewater

Landfill leachate is characterized by extreme biological oxygen demand and ammonia spikes. Changing temperatures, precipitation and waste collection makes operating landfill leachate wastewater treatment plants challenging.

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New technique could accelerate methane production from FOG and food waste

University of Alberta engineers found that adding conductive materials to fats, oils and grease and waste products could boost methane production by 70%.