Continuous insulation resistance testing can prevent wastewater pump motor failure

Wastewater treatment plants rely heavily on motors for critical applications and to maintain service objectives and treatment quality levels. Therefore, it is important to...

Comparing spiral and corrugated tube heat exchangers for wastewater

Spiral heat exchangers are synonymous with wastewater treatment due to high-fouling risks, viscous fluids and fibres or solids content. However, in many situations the...

Wastewater reuse can help Canada’s dairy industry

The Canadian dairy industry is a major economic contributor, employing roughly 221,000 people and keeping almost 1 million dairy cows. Rising water and wastewater...

Treating variable strength landfill leachate and wastewater

Landfill leachate is characterized by extreme biological oxygen demand and ammonia spikes. Changing temperatures, precipitation and waste collection makes operating landfill leachate wastewater treatment...

Continuous inflow and infiltration analysis for sewerage systems

As hundred-, even thousand-year storm events increase in frequency, a holistic understanding of wastewater and stormwater systems and their capacities is needed to proactively...

Managing sewer blockages helps prevent overflows

Sewer blockages are a leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows. Proactive sewer cleaning is a data-driven approach that aims to prevent blockages before they...

Biosolids dewatering with geotextiles and polymer

Geotextile dewatering of wastewater sludge and biosolids provides simple, low-energy operation, efficient dewatering, minor operator attention and customizable foot-prints. Read the full article in...

Complex upgrades needed within existing wastewater digester facility

The Corbett Creek wastewater treatment plant uses anaerobic digestion to break down biodegradable sludge and remove water. To increase plant capacity, complex upgrades of...
City of Portage la Prairie Wastewater Infrastructure

Canada funds wastewater upgrades in Yukon, Manitoba and Nova Scotia

Infrastructure Canada announced funding last week for a range of water and wastewater projects in Manitoba, the Yukon and Nova Scotia. Manitoba  The federal government is...

Water and wastewater infrastructure challenges in a changing climate

The water industry is on the front line of the climate crisis. Water underpins agriculture, industry and sanitation and is essential for our daily survival. This article looks at recent water and wastewater cases that were challenged by a changing climate.

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