New catalysts remove dangerous endocrine disruptor from wastewater

As pharmaceutical use has skyrocketed, the amount of endocrine disruptor drugs released into the water system has dramatically increased.

Water career trends and growth very promising

Careers in water quality are not just in high demand, they are also undergoing rapid changes.

Using integrated fixed film activated sludge for improved capacity and performance

Peterborough's WWTP's has seen a number of improvements in effluent quality and resiliency since adopting integrated fixed film activated sludge media.
Tottenham wastewater treatment plant

New wastewater treatment plant will allow Town of Tottenham to expand

The new Tottenham WWTP is designed for an annual average flow capacity of 4,082 m3/day, providing capacity for growth in Tottenham to at least 2031.

Reusing existing infrastructure to create a wastewater pumping station for nine homes

In order to ensure continued reliable wastewater collection, the City undertook a maintenance program to flush the inverted siphons on a regular basis in order to clear out any blockages.
photo of landfill

Lessons learned from successful applications of biological landfill leachate treatment

Landfill leachate treatment is a major engineering challenge due to the high and variable concentrations of dissolved solids, dissolved and colloidal organics, heavy metals and xenobiotic organics.
Picture showing point tie-in and deflection of Fort McMurray sewer

Gregoire sanitary sewer project helps sustain Fort McMurray’s growth

The Gregoire sanitary sewer was identified as a key priority to keep up with Northern Alberta's economic expansion.
Mount Polley tailings pond breach

An alternative to water-covered mine tailings areas

Evapotranspiration cover/engineered bioreactor systems, provides an economic alternative to water-covered tailings management areas.
photo of clogged pump

Unraveling solutions to overwhelmed sewer systems

If people got a good sniff of a ragged wastewater pump and had to untangle a snarled mess of entwined fabric, pumping stations might get a break from the onslaught of “flushable” wipes and products clogging their systems.

Working and managing data in the cloud: The way ahead for water and wastewater...

Smart data management can improve overall water and wastewater quality, by ensuring data is as timely and accurate as possible.

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