Walter Lamparter of MICRODYN-NADIR shaking hands with TriSep’s Peter Knappe

MICRODYN-NADIR acquires specialty membrane company TriSep

MICRODYN-NADIR has announced the acquisition of specialty membrane company TriSep Corporation. Based in Goleta, California, TriSep has experience and expertise in the area of...
handful of phosphorus fertilizer pellets

Wastewater converted to eco-friendly fertilizer

To eliminate struvite formation, the City of Saskatoon commissioned a nutrient recovery system to produce fertilizer from wastewater phosphorus.
harvesting urine-derived fertilizer grown crops

Three-million dollar grant to turn urine into a food crop fertilizer

A new $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation aims to produce a safe fertilizer from recycled urine. University of Michigan (U-M) engineering researchers lead...

Homebrewers competing to turn wastewater into beer

In July, the WateReuse Association, challenged Florida homebrewers to turn recycled wastewater into great tasting beer. More than 100 homebrewers from the Tampa area...
Camp Century entrance

Melting ice sheet could expose frozen Cold War-era hazardous waste and sewage

Climate change is threatening to expose hazardous waste at an abandoned camp thought to be buried forever in the Greenland Ice Sheet, new research...
Wyndance SBR plant construction

Water reuse essential for new multi-use development projects

By Irene Hassas With population growth and urbanization, there is increased market pressure for the development of residential houses on private property and existing recreational...
Anglian Water’s Great Billing Water Recycling Centre

Achieving energy neutral wastewater treatment with biological hydrolysis

Energy neutral wastewater treatment is one area where operators can address growing sustainability expectations, while not risking any economic viability.

$53.2 million in support announced for Manitoba wastewater treatment

On August 5, 2016, representatives from federal, provincial and municipal levels of government announced more than $53.2 million in combined funding for two new...
VRE bacteria illustration

Researchers find antibiotic-resistant bacteria lingering after sewer spills

University of South Florida researchers investigating the aftermath of a sewer line break have found dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the untreated wastewater that gushed out at a rate of 950 to 1,890 litres per minute.
close-up of the nanofilter

Scientists develop energy saving nanofilter for wastewater treatment

Scientists have invented a new type of nanofilter that could reduce the energy needed to treat wastewater by up to five times.

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