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Water, wastewater tech can improve supply, reduce energy use, increase sustainability

Heat recovery enables a resource that would otherwise go to waste to be used for purposes such as pre-heating items, including process water, feedstock, digesters or evaporators to improve energy efficiency. Heat exchangers are a good way to recapture heat from thermal processes, as a well-designed system can recover and reuse 40% of the heat produced by a wastewater anaerobic digestion plant.
A mining operation near Sechelt Inlet, B.C.

Feds introduce new ammonia discharge regulation for metal and diamond mines

To limit the risks of the negative effects of mines on fish and fish habitat, the latest criteria under Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations impose a limit on ammonia release for end-of-pipe discharges.
Princess Point, Cootes Paradise in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton’s ‘Sewergate’ shows there will be future wastewater spills

Hamilton is home to one of the oldest and most complex level IV sewage collection systems anywhere and is situated in the centre of a highly eco-sensitive area. It could be the model of how a highly industrialized city handles their sewage, but environmental horror stories just keep occurring in the area year after year, decade after decade.
SmartCover technology

Kelowna deploys high-tech sewer monitoring system

All of Kelowna, B.C.’s wastewater operations need to be managed as efficiently as possible with relatively limited staff resources. At the same time, operations need to accommodate a rapidly growing population and address new challenges, such as monitoring.

Novel aeration system can improve the performance of wastewater treatment lagoons

The system uses novel aeration technology with a high-efficiency wastewater effluent pump and air aspirator-mixer to lower lagoon installation and operating costs.

Dealing with the challenges of cleaning municipal sewer and stormwater lines

Operators cleaning municipal sewer and stormwater lines face a host of challenges. These include having to clean kilometres of line in the most efficient...

A simple approach to improve the quality of rice paddy processing wastewater

Wastewater coming from rice mill operations contains high concentrations of organic and inorganic substances, causing significant pollution.

New bill aims to revert law and charge communities for raw sewage dumps

Critics of a new Private Member’s Bill say that its attempt to revert the law to its previous status and once again criminalize the...
Northern Pulp paper mill

Northern Pulp pulls environmental assessment as it promises new ‘modernized’ plan for effluent

Northern Pulp Nova Scotia says it is withdrawing its application for an environmental assessment review and will soon reveal a new design for an...

New funding means sewer upgrades planned for southeast Labrador

A series of wastewater upgrades continue in southeast Labrador, where the federal government has recently allocated more than $1.5 million for modern water infrastructure. In...

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