City of Portage la Prairie Wastewater Infrastructure

Canada funds wastewater upgrades in Yukon, Manitoba and Nova Scotia

Infrastructure Canada announced funding last week for a range of water and wastewater projects in Manitoba, the Yukon and Nova Scotia. Manitoba  The federal government is...

Water and wastewater infrastructure challenges in a changing climate

The water industry is on the front line of the climate crisis. Water underpins agriculture, industry and sanitation and is essential for our daily...
Muskwa River outfall construction site

Design and construction of an innovative effluent outfall in the challenging Muskwa River

Designing and constructing a treated wastewater outfall in British Columbia’s Muskwa River poised many challenges to engineers and contractors. This project incorporated innovative design features to overcome construction challenges and create a resilient and adaptable piece of infrastructure.

Quebec facility evaluates anaerobic digester performance sensor

A new sensor system was installed on two anaerobic digesters, processing waste activated sludge, at a testing facility in Quebec. The sensors measure microbial...

The economics of cleaning and removing grit and screenings from WWTPs

Disposal costs are one of the largest expenses a wastewater treatment plant faces in its operation. Equipment designed to wash and dewatering grit and...
City of Halifax waterfront

Atlantic wastewater and water design to embed climate resilience

Canada's Department of Natural Resources has announced an investment of $318,000 over three years to embed climate change adaptation into design guidelines for municipal...
wastewater basins

StatsCan releases new municipal wastewater system data

Statistics Canada released new wastewater data that details sewage flow numbers through municipal wastewater systems, the degree to which it is treated, and the...
Edmonton manhole image

Edmonton committee greenlights sewer odour control plan

A City of Edmonton utility committee has approved a $217.3-million corrosion and odour control project for its sewer system that could start this year...

Mississippi turns heads with vanilla misting system to mask WWTP odours

That sweet scent in the air? No, it’s not the perfume of a passing cyclist, it’s the new misting machines wafting over vanilla from...
Normal operating conditions

Wastewater collection systems are under attack from peak flow I & I rates

New growth and development means many communities’ infrastructure is under pressure to accommodate this additional demand.

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UBC students win WEF award for airport de-icing runoff treatment system

Four students from the University of British Columbia are winners of the Water Environment Federation’s 2019 Student Design Competition for their Vancouver International Airport...