Storage Tanks

Storage tanks

How to build cost-effective storage solutions for wastewater treatment chemicals

Thoroughly understanding the nuances of the chemical’s properties is vital to maximize the operation and performance of the chemical delivery system, as well as the longevity of the chemical storage tank. If you simply design a tank based on generic factors such as size, material and capacity without defining the chemical used, you risk getting a non-optimal tank.

Montreal sound artist gives historic Humboldt Water Tower new life as instrument, art venue 

Built in 1915 to resemble a coastal lighthouse, the historic Humboldt Water Tower is being given new life as an art venue. One of only...
Site C dam

Two B.C. companies fined for contaminating rivers during work projects

The Provincial Court of British Columbia has issued fines in relation to guilty pleas for two separate incidents where companies illegally discharged ammonia and...
biomedical waste

Alberta company ordered to clean up sea cans full of year-old biomedical waste

Edmonton-based biomedical and hazardous waste disposal company GFM Environmental Services is facing an enforcement order to dispose of more than a dozen unlabelled sea...

Ensuring peace of mind against leaks when lining above ground storage tanks

Ensuring the integrity of a lined above ground storage tank can be very challenging. A recent project demonstrated that a new Canadian innovation in leak detection technology made the job a lot easier.

Storing sulfuric acid presents major problems

The highly corrosive nature of sulfuric acid tests the limits of today’s storage systems. Any company that stores sulfuric acid needs to be acutely aware of the dangers that the chemical presents to equipment and personnel. When storing sulfuric acid, it is important to verify the hoop stress rating and understand the specific gravity ratings to make sure the resins used in the storage tank provide a margin of safety. Along with the weight of the chemical, its oxidative properties must also be considered.

Measurement methods for chemical storage tank inventory calculation

The technology used to measure and manage chemical inventories is diverse, with many options to measuring the amount of chemicals inside tanks.

Creating a safe chemical storage system

It is important to consider the durability and longevity of the chemical storage tank system when you’re storing corrosive chemicals.
Loch Lomond Drinking Water Treatment Facility

New water tanks help Saint John deliver abundant and clean water

Residents on the east side of Saint John, New Brunswick, were all too familiar with boil water orders. For decades, the city drew water from Latimer Lake and chlorinated and pumped it directly to the distribution system.
level control panel diagram

Automation helps maintain water tank levels and prevent freezing in colder climates

The two key factors for water storage are to ensure the tank maintains the correct level and that there is water turnover to protect water quality. In colder climates, low tank turnover can lead to water freezing within it.
Slow sand filters discharge pond

Bolted tanks speed Kugluktuk’s water treatment plant upgrade

Water treatment plant upgrade is one of few modern Nunavut plants built by shipping construction materials to the remote Arctic location.
storage tank fill ports

Proper procedures can minimize the environmental risks of storage tanks

The presence or potential presence of USTs and ASTs are common sources of soil contamination in Ontario.

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