How vulnerable are water utilities to traditional and cyber threats?

By Görrel Espelund In recent years, cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure, such as water utilities, have been on the increase globally. However, growing awareness doesn’t necessarily...
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How Ontario can cope with its $60 billion infrastructure deficit

Municipalities are faced with a growing backlog of infrastructure needs, while funding sources remain limited and constrained.

Trenchless technologies allow for more pipeline rehabilitation

Utilizing trenchless technologies reduce the construction footprint can have a huge impact on social, environmental and capital costs.

Fish ladder design helps improve fish migration odds

Perched culverts and similar hydraulic impasses represent a big problem for migrating fish. A fish ladder is intended to help alleviate this difficulty.

Federal climate resiliency investment ‘a very good start’

By Peter Davey To help reduce emissions and improve infrastructure resiliency at the municipal level, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced, March 2, 2016, $75 million...
construction site using precast

Importance of structural wire mesh in accelerated precast construction

Structural welded wire reinforcement offers several other benefits over the use of traditional rebar in precast construction
corrugated plastic pipe

Unrealistic roughness coefficient could impair pipe capacity

One aspect of sewer and culvert design which may come under scrutiny is how the Manning formula is used to determine size and pipe capacity for design peak flow.

UPS systems keep water facilities operating reliably

It is essential to select properly rated industrial-grade online UPS systems that are designed for use in a treatment plant’s harsh environment.
Truro Creek culvert

Shifting the conversation from sustainable to resilient pipeline systems

It is challenging to recommend materials and products for pipeline systems if there are questions about resiliency and sustainability over the design life.
Photo of encased ductile iron pipe installation

Corrosion control of ductile iron pipe with polyethylene encasement

Polyethylene encasement protection has been the iron pipe industry’s first line of defense against corrosion, preventing direct contact with corrosive environments.

Making it personal: Bringing infrastructure awareness to the public

Too often it seems the public becomes aware of problems with services and infrastructure after a break, leak or tax hike.

Implications of climate change on Ontario’s municipal infrastructure

The IPCC reports are based on modelled data projecting changes in climate variables, including temperature and precipitation. AR5 is based on these newly improved models, with inputs from countries all over the world.

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