Legionella pneumophila bacteria

Rising healthcare costs from bacteria in water supply systems

Data from the U.S. reveals that opportunistic premise plumbing pathogens in water supply systems, such as Legionella, are driving up healthcare costs.
Ex. Reservoir construction (1920s)

What to do when your drinking water reservoir springs a leak

During construction of a new contact tank and clearwell, the existing water reservoir developed a leak, flooding the site and decommissioning the reservoir.
Anglian Water’s Great Billing Water Recycling Centre

Achieving energy neutral wastewater treatment with biological hydrolysis

Energy neutral wastewater treatment is one area where operators can address growing sustainability expectations, while not risking any economic viability.
smart city illustration

Advancing the Smart City movement through big data

The Smart City movement focuses on how digital technology can improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact and enhance livability in urban settings.
water pollution next to a city

Cities face increased water treatment spending when watersheds are developed

A new global study has found that one in three large cities spend 50% more on water treatment as a result of ecological damage to their watersheds.

Small municipalities can no longer afford “big pipe” solutions

Approximately 75% of a municipality’s capital asset inventory is represented by water, wastewater and roads. Financial and regulatory pressure is increasing.
aerial view of municipal water infrastructure

‘Big pipe’ infrastructure solutions may no longer be affordable for smaller towns and cities

Approximately 75% of a municipality’s capital asset inventory is water, wastewater and roads. Yet small and medium municipalities face increasing pressures.
ese-news icon

Engineers Canada presents new Infrastructure Resilience certification

Engineers Canada presented the first cohort of professional engineers with the new certification of Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) at a launch on June 9,...
professional surveyor using a drone

The new breed of professional surveyors

Professional surveyors view the planet on a global scale, using a diverse set of tools such as LIDAR, UAVs, and radar, to deliver information to clients.

Canadian professors and Royal Society of Canada speak out against Site C mega dam

More than 250 university professors from across Canada, including legal scholars, political scientists, water scientists, and environmental scientists, released a statement of concern on...

Concrete cloth is an emerging technology for culvert remediation

In a 2005 study by the National Research Council of Canada, researchers found that social costs can add up to 400% of construction costs. This is particularly relevant when culverts are in high traffic areas or buried deeply.
micro-tunnelling crew

Micro-tunnelling used for new Bolton trunk sewer

By Bob Chisholm, Neville Morrison and Tim Campbell The Albion-Vaughan Sanitary Trunk Sewer is a 2.1 kilometre length of 900 mm diameter sewer, constructed through...

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