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Engineers Canada presents new Infrastructure Resilience certification

Engineers Canada presented the first cohort of professional engineers with the new certification of Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) at a launch on June 9,...
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The new breed of professional surveyors

Professional surveyors view the planet on a global scale, using a diverse set of tools such as LIDAR, UAVs, and radar, to deliver information to clients.

Canadian professors and Royal Society of Canada speak out against Site C mega dam

More than 250 university professors from across Canada, including legal scholars, political scientists, water scientists, and environmental scientists, released a statement of concern on...

Concrete cloth is an emerging technology for culvert remediation

In a 2005 study by the National Research Council of Canada, researchers found that social costs can add up to 400% of construction costs. This is particularly relevant when culverts are in high traffic areas or buried deeply.
micro-tunnelling crew

Micro-tunnelling used for new Bolton trunk sewer

By Bob Chisholm, Neville Morrison and Tim Campbell The Albion-Vaughan Sanitary Trunk Sewer is a 2.1 kilometre length of 900 mm diameter sewer, constructed through...

How vulnerable are water utilities to traditional and cyber threats?

By Görrel Espelund In recent years, cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure, such as water utilities, have been on the increase globally. However, growing awareness doesn’t necessarily...
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How Ontario can cope with its $60 billion infrastructure deficit

Municipalities are faced with a growing backlog of infrastructure needs, while funding sources remain limited and constrained.

Trenchless technologies allow for more pipeline rehabilitation

Utilizing trenchless technologies reduce the construction footprint can have a huge impact on social, environmental and capital costs.

Fish ladder design helps improve fish migration odds

Perched culverts and similar hydraulic impasses represent a big problem for migrating fish. A fish ladder is intended to help alleviate this difficulty.

Federal climate resiliency investment ‘a very good start’

By Peter Davey To help reduce emissions and improve infrastructure resiliency at the municipal level, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced, March 2, 2016, $75 million...

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