HazMat & Remediation

Mount Polley tailings pond breach

Mount Polley short-term discharge permit approved

After public consultation, British Columbia has approved Mount Polley Mining Corporation’s application for a short-term permit to treat and then discharge water outside of...
chemical spill response

Spill response and worker safety demand a disciplined approach

Since the 1980s, there have been big gains in the knowledge of chemicals and how they impact public health and the environment. But that...
Researchers in the lab

Orange peel waste helps clean up mercury pollution

An inexpensive, non-toxic polymer that draws mercury pollution out of water and soil has been developed from orange peels and industrial byproducts.
construction at remediation site

Concrete cloth chosen for EPA Superfund remediation

Easily installed concrete cloth was installed to address an acid rock drainage condition at the Sheldon Mine site, an EPA Superfund project.

Unseen environmental issues with trenchless technologies

Trenchless technologies allow infrastructure to be installed without the need for digging. This solves many problems, but does create new regulatory issues.
Deloro mine photo

GIS technology used for abandoned mine site remediation

In 2011 and 2012, a GIS was created to assist in the restoration and remediation of 0.8 km of the Moira River shoreline, where it flows through the abandoned mine site.
wavy rayed lamp mussel

Freshwater mussels increasingly included in habitat assessments

Freshwater mussels are considered “fish” under the Fisheries Act and warrant the same protection. Increasingly they are used as indicators of stream health.

Testimony in environmental claims – Participant vs litigation experts

What constitutes an “expert” witness and to whom do the expert witness provisions in the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure apply? Do they apply to anyone offering an expert opinion?

Spill results in $375,000 penalty for Alberta company

Panther Industries (Alberta) Inc. pleaded guilty on July 28, 2015 in Alberta Provincial Court and was ordered to pay a total of $375,000 in...

Restricted re-start authorized for Mount Polley mine

Mount Polley Mine has been given a restricted go-ahead to re-start operations, nearly one year since a disastrous tailings pond breach.

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