HazMat & Remediation

genome image

The evolution of environmental consulting

Over the next decade the environmental consulting industry will be transformed by advances in the biological sciences. These will be driven by the torrent of inexpensive genomic information and applications.
Commerical site remediation project.

Property values threatened by changing contaminant levels

Sinking funds into site cleanups, if there is no reasonable return on the investment, doesn’t make good business sense, despite any environmental benefits.
Mount Polley tailings pond breach

An alternative to water-covered mine tailings areas

Evapotranspiration cover/engineered bioreactor systems, provides an economic alternative to water-covered tailings management areas.
Excavator loading excess soil into a truck.

Handling excess soil: How we got to where we are and where things are...

Properly handling and managing the movement of excess construction soils or “clean” dirt has been a concern over the past 20-25 years in Ontario....

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