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Networking is an important part of building successful long-term client relationships

Unlike management succession planning, relationship succession is often problematic, as its importance is generally overlooked.

An effective strategy to develop and retain young engineering professionals is important

Multi-faceted programs that combine mentoring, formal training and exposure to a variety of areas can encourage young graduates to continue as consulting engineers.
Shawn Scott, RVA President, CEO

Challenges and opportunities for Canadian Consulting Engineering Firms

ES&E Magazine spoke with Shawn Scott, President and CEO of R.V. Anderson Associates (RVA), to talk about the company’s new look, and opportunities for...
Peter Laughton

Reflections on engineering excellence in the 21st Century

In June 1997, I delivered a convocation address to engineering graduates of all disciplines at Ryerson Polytechnic University, titled: Towards Engineering …

Rethinking cities in the age of increasing urbanization

When it comes to water, we see the same disparity. North Americans use more than 4,000 litres per person per day, compared with 1,800 litres in India, about 1,200 litres in China, and remarkably, less than 500 litres in Denmark.

The continuing evolution of consultant–client relationships

The relationship between consultants and clients has been transformed by changes on both sides. There is hope that the dynamic will continue to improve.

Time management in the age of distraction

Open plan offices and increasing numbers of inboxes provide a growing number of distractions. Time management is crucial to ensuring productivity.

Alternative project delivery offers significant opportunities for 2016

Alternative project delivery models are increasingly selected by clients and agencies as the preferred option to procure large infrastructure projects.

Environmental consultants can support Canadian manufacturers

Environmental consultants allow manufacturers to focus on running their business without worrying about environmental regulations and guidelines.

Developing the next-generation workforce of the water industry

The need is growing steadily for specialized researchers, engineers and consultants to implement water and wastewater related infrastructure projects.

The view from the other side: What clients look for in consulting engineers

As a consultant, I sometimes wondered what owners thought of the performance of their engineering consultants in the delivery of capital works projects.

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