Air Pollution

photo of a biogas digester

How accurate are greenhouse gas emission estimates for the wastewater and sour gas sectors?

Canadian regulatory jurisdictions and international institutions have guidelines on calculating reportable emissions of greenhouse gases. Yet are they accurate?
Smoke from a pipe on a background of blue sky

Cap-and-Trade comes to Quebec

Quebec will hold its first sale of carbon allowances on Sep. 22, 2015. Firms will have the opportunity to buy units to meet the cap-and-trade deadline.
Lallemand treatment basin

New odour control system allows yeast plant to re-open

The plant's wastewater treatment basin was the major odour source, releasing aerosolized sodium selenite, a robust and smelly inorganic compound.

Past, present and future of the environmental service industry

The environmental service industry has changed tremendously. It is no longer a service that is exclusively offered by consulting engineers.

Growing by leaps and bounds: Poland’s environmental industry

Billions are being invested into transport, environment and energy in Poland. Yet, it still faces high ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate pollution.
Picture of biogas pressure vessel and flare

Study identifies significant benefits to Canadian biogas development

Biogas is a "good news" sustainability story for farmers, municipalities, food processors and for quality of life and the environment.

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City of Belleville investigates trial of wastewater odour suppressant

City water staff in Belleville, Ontario, have been testing a new odour-control product to break down and control sulfur compounds like hydrogen sulfide and...